A better way to say hello.

Hello. This is a never before seen integration with NetSuite. If having the ability to sign in to the office using facial recognition isn’t impressive enough, we give you an app that allows you to sign in remotely whether you are on client site, working from home or anywhere in the world. All through the functionality of the cloud. This gives your staff and co-workers the ability to know where you are and if you are available.

You also have the ability to sign guests into your building and make aware the people that they are here to see. No more pieces of paper or sign in sheets that get put in a folder somewhere never to be seen again. Use the data, display it in an informative matter and lead the way with this automated app!

This is a never before seen solution to a need that all businesses have. Whether you have remote workers, staff working on client site or on annual leave, you will be able to track their availability and contact them directly through Hello!

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Fully Integrated With NetSuite

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