NetSuite OneWorld Wins Cloud ERP Product of the Year

NetSuite OneWorld was awarded ‘Cloud ERP Product of the Year’ at the UK cloud awards, the latest in a long series of awards.

Awards like this are significant because they reflect both product and customer excellence. As a cloud company we have to excel in both in order to excel and maintain astonishingly high standards to continue to grow and lead the market.

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Oracle's Acquisition of NetSuite to Finalise

More than 53% of NetSuite shareholders support the deal.

Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite has moved a step closer after the company announced that more than half of cloud-computing company’s eligible shareholders have backed the $9.3bn deal.

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Monobind inc. NetSuite Success Story

NetSuite Helps Medical Device Manufacturer Cut Order Fulfillment Times By 50%

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EndoChoice Drive Success With NetSuite

EndoChoice Reduces Costs and Becomes One of the Top Names in Surgical Supply with NetSuite.

We did a lot of research before going with NetSuite and we found NetSuite to be the only SaaS out there that was built from the ground up. - EndoChoice
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Joyus Integration Success

Joyus, a video commerce shopping experience founded in 2011, are focused on transforming the way people shop online via the intersection of video, e-commerce and the Joyus community. Their team of fashion, beauty, health and fitness experts are dedicated to finding the best products for their customers and telling users all about them in short editorial videos.

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