The Convergence of CRM with the eCommerce Platform

CRM and eCommerce have traditionally been standalone systems that don’t share information. But in today’s digital, mobile and social world, companies need to capture and connect all interactions and transactions to provide seamless cross-channel brand experiences.

Download this executive brief, The Convergence of CRM with the eCommerce Platform, for a look at how a single eCommerce and CRM platform opens new possibilities to understand customers, provide better service and drive revenue—without the challenges of integrating standalone systems.

This brief covers:

  • The business importance of CRM in both B2B and B2C commerce.
  • The benefits of a natively integrated CRM and eCommerce solution.
  • How a single system of record improves customer support and sales experiences.
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Second- and Third-Generation Ecommerce

Ecommerce offers wholesale distributors a tremendous opportunity to build the business—yet many labour ahead with outdated first-generation systems, or have yet to introduce B2B eCommerce capabilities at all.

Download this special report for a look at how second- and third-generation eCommerce can help your distribution business drive new revenue, expand market reach and deliver the easy B2C-like experience that today’s business buyers expect.

In Second- and Third-Generation eCommerce: A Strategic Investment for Growth in Wholesale Distribution, you’ll learn about:

  • The critical distinctions between today’s eCommerce vs. first-generation systems.
  • How today’s eCommerce streamlines inventory, pricing, shipping, credit, returns and more.
  • Key eCommerce capabilities for the complexities of B2B distribution markets.
  • Why an Amazon-like buying experience is needed to meet B2B customer demands.
  • How distributors can capitalise on B2B eCommerce to drive growth and customer satisfaction.
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Why Modern Commerce is a Race to Unify Customer Facing and Back Office Systems

Your customers are more empowered with knowledge and alternatives, than ever before. They expect accurate inventory information, cross-channel order history and flawless order execution (just to start), but your legacy ERP technology is poorly suited to meet those expectations of visibility.

Delivering the best customer experiences requires change. A change from spending hundreds of thousands of pounds trying to connect siloed point-solution systems with your ERP. A change that offers transparency across your organisation and out to your customers, partners and suppliers.

The shift to digital at organisations…cannot happen at an incremental pace. Too many organizations that have paid only lip service to supporting the customer across all digital channels have felt the sting of competition beating them to the punch.
— Forrester Research

Download our whitepaper, Turning Your ERP Inside Out, to learn more about why you should be building your business around your customers, not your channels, to gain the competitive advantage. 

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Consumers no longer think in terms of channels—shopping is shopping, regardless of where it is conducted—and retailers need to adopt that same forward-thinking approach

Download the Retail Info Systems News report which uncovers the challenges retailers face, as well as the necessary steps to successfully implement a unified commerce platform.

In this report your will discover how;

  • In-store sales are influenced by the internet during path to purchase.
  • Revenue increases that are gained by "detangling" systems.
  • How a unified platform is the retailers top priority.
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