Built on creating strong working relationships with our clients, our services team are focused on discovering your business pain points, and crafting solutions that heal. Our NetSuite consulting services are built upon years of hands on experience and certified professionals.


Professional Services

At 3EN we have a team of recognized professionals, from registered Risk Managers to Qualified Accountants, and most things in between, which will help you, the client, ensure your business continues to develop and benefit from the investments that have been made. 

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Technical Services

Our Technical Services team focus on the delivery of solutions to our customers, tailored to meet the requirements of those customers.  We follow a simple process that develops an understanding of the problem to be solved.  Through an iterative process, engaging closely with our customers, we provide an end-to-end solution to meet our customers' needs.

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NetSuite’s global support organisation provides you with flexible support options tailored to your business needs to maximise your satisfaction with your NetSuite investment. NetSuite’s SuiteSupport specialists will be able to address your NetSuite questions and issues rapidly to keep your business running smoothly. 

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Our team of experts will work with you to deliver tailored training to meet your requirements and ability. Training will be carried out at your premises, and on a demo environment of your system, ensuring that your training matches your system.

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Project Recovery

A large percentage of our customers have been recovery projects from poorly implemented systems. With our quality and expertise we have been able to jump in to the project at any stage and get it back on track to fitting your exact needs and exceeding expectation.

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Our Approach

3EN works in partnership with clients to ensure that a joint delivery process is clearly documented and agreed, including any change impact that may occur during delivery. We refer to this as our maturity model, and have been using it for delivery of complex services and multi million pound projects for a long time!

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Honest. Open. Advice.

Contact us at any stage of your journey. If you are looking for answers, or an independent voice from a NetSuite expert, let us know! Our #1 priority is to see organisations succeed, no matter what their circumstance!

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