SaaS and the Cloud: Beware of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

With the growth of SaaS solutions in treasury, it seems that everyone is clamoring to be “in the cloud”. 

This high demand is for good reason – cloud deployments offer major advantages for treasury departments who implement treasury technology. With every vendor trying to be SaaS (even when they’re not) this also creates much confusion in terms of vocabulary, determining what cloud really is, and more importantly, why as a user you should care. 

Whether you are starting to look into buying a TMS, or are in the middle of vendor selection, this guide helps you clear up the vocabulary and help you understand why the distinction matters. Topics covered include:

  •  The difference between “SaaS” and “cloud”
  •  Cost and ROI
  •  System security
  •  Availability and disaster recovery
  •  Product innovation
  •  Solution support

There are many software providers in the treasury software industry masquerading as true SaaS vendors, so it is important to help you find the wolf in sheep’s clothing.