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Revenue Recognition Management provides your company with the tools to adhere to accounting standards and the timely reporting of financial results.


NetSuite’s revenue recognition solution allows you to schedule, calculate and present revenue on your financial statements accurately whether you conduct sales that consist of products or services, both, or your transactions occur at a single point across multiple milestones. Report in line with accounting standards, and automate revenue recognition with financially intelligent capabilities.


Revenue Recognition for every Industry

NetSuite’s award-winning financial management software enables accounting departments to account for any contract under any revenue standard, for any given set of products and services including software and service contracts specified in accordance with ASC 605 (and various preceding standards).

Key Capabilities:

  • Supports Percentage-of-Completion Accounting

  • Supports Event Driven Revenue Plans

  • Intelligent fair value lookup for stand-alone selling price or ESP/TPE/VSOE




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Data Sheet: NetSuite Revenue Recognition


eBook: The Money Story

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Data Sheet: Turbocharge Finance For Growth


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