1. Break Down Silos

Whether your mission is helping the local community or providing international outreach to empower and educate for global causes, one thing is certain- nonprofit organisations face tremendous complexity and operational challenges. They often run a myriad of disparate applications and spreadsheets and lack tools that are affordable, effective and purposebuilt to meet their unique needs.

2. Boost Your Resources

With tight budgets, limited resources, rising demand and increased competition for funding, nonprofit organisations are looking for innovative ways to maximise resources for long-term success and survival—make better use of volunteers, strengthen connections with existing donors, solicit new supporters and create projects that generate additional sources of income.

3. Fuel Your Mission

Hundreds of nonprofit organisations around the world have moved from fragmented on premise systems to NetSuite’s integrated cloud ERP, CRM and ecommerce solution that is proven to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and free up resources that are better spent fund-raising, recruiting volunteers and making a difference.


NetSuite Success: TECHO

3EN have been committed to Fairtrade for four years now. They have been helping Fairtrafe International set up an integrated global system. Think 3EN and you think software.
— Harriet Lamb, Fairtrade

Product Features

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Fund Accounting

Explore NetSuite's innovative and GAAP-compliant fund accounting framework that allows your nonprofit to manage diverse revenue streams, correlate revenue sources to expense transactions, and accurately manage fund restrictions and grant requirements.

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Grant Accounting

Elevate efficiency and visibility into the grant lifecycle. Track terms and conditions, automate time and expense tracking, track many projects to many grants and manage expenses across multiple years.

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Program Efficiency Tracking

Create a culture of data driven decision-making using Charity Navigator™ recommended scorecards for program metrics that matter.

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Simplified, Flexible Financial Segmentation

Streamline your organization's Chart of Accounts using predefined GL custom segments to achieve complete visibility into the source and use of funds.

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Spend Management

Ensure full accountability and stewardship of funds and gain complete control and visibility over total spend.

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Global Cloud

Expand your mission globally and focus your resources on achieving social impact, not managing IT complexity.


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