NetSuite Autocomplete

An autocomplete package for atom that autocompletes functions from the NetSuite SuiteScript api.



You can install by searching for autocomplete-netsuite in the install tab in the settings view. More details on the settings view can be read here -

Or to install via command use:

apm install autocomplete-netsuite


SuiteScript v1.0 supported:

  • Support for all nlapi* functions.

  • Support for all nlobj* constructors and member functions.

SuiteScript v2.0 supported:

  • Support for all member functions.

  • Support for log and util global objects.

  • Support for define and require global functions.

  • Support for all record.Type enum values. e.g. record.Type.EMPLOYEE

NetSuite File Header comment snippet:

Type suiteletcomment and hit tab to insert a template for file header, you can then use tab to cycle through the template options: