Our Approach

Most products, especially a top 5 recognised product, are very much the same, each with their own weaknesses and strengths.

So what helps you make a decision? How do you know you are selecting the correct product to fit your business requirements?

Many organisations go into a lot of detail regarding the business requirements document, the tender, and making sure that a good fit is documented. Unfortunately this is not a measure of delivery, cultural fit, flexibility, accountability of ownership or change management. 3EN works in partnership with clients to ensure that a joint delivery process is clearly documented and agreed, including any change impact that may occur during delivery. We refer to this as our maturity model, and have been using it for delivery of complex services and multi million pound projects for a long time!

During the initial meetings with potential clients we discuss these three aspects of your business requirements in equal depth.

1. Selection

2. Delivery

3. Use

And how they impact your business is equally important, hence our name, 3EN, referring to the 3 business impacts to the 3 core business features;

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