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Quick Guide to Managing the 4 Basic Personality Types In The Workplace

Great leaders understand their people. That statement can often be taken for granted. We assume that we ‘know’ our team and to a degree, we probably know them enough to remember their birthdays or have a social conversation without it being awkward. But, is this enough? Understanding these 4 basic personality types could help you rise above the rest and empower you to be a better leader. So, what are they?

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How Leadership Inspires the Culture of a Company

There are so many resources around good company leadership, but how do we know which resources are innovative, providing us with a structure to really impact our company? The real question I have begun to ask myself when reading leadership content is “Does this content have an impact on the company as a direct result of the change of the individual?” To me, true leadership material should not only impact the leader, but impact the relationships he/she has, the business they work for and the lives they encounter.

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4 Ways to Boost your Confidence

I believe one of the biggest personality pandemics in our society is the lack of confidence and self esteem that is found in people! In every sector, workplace, and job role, people are found struggling to give the best of themselves as a result of a lack of confidence! One of the roads to increasing in confidence is to seem more confident.

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5 Key Negotiation Skills

Negotiating occurs in everyday life, but nowhere is it more critical than in business. Poor negotiation can ruin a company just as quickly as losing key customers. While most negotiating skills can seem like common sense, it's not uncommon to get caught up in the emotion of the moment and end up ignoring their basic instincts.

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Follow These 6 Steps to Become an Effective Mentor

Becoming a mentor can be an interesting journey. For most it is a natural experience, and one that is enjoyable. I would assume from the start of this blog, that you are either in a mentorship role currently, or that you one day aspire to help others to grow and develop through the lessons and experiences you have had.

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Creating a Blueprint for Team Success

“What is a team?” – A question that I was recently asked. Instantly, I jumped in to answer, “A group of people working towards a common purpose or goal.” Though when I started unpacking this answer, I came up against an obvious challenge. Whilst standing waiting on my usual train at Belfast Central Station, across the platform stood a group of 15-20 people, all waiting to get the train to Dublin.

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Engage! (Stop making it about you)

Amongst the definitions you stumble across when researching the word “engage” are the following nuggets of gold;

  1. involve someone in.
  2. participate or become involved in.
  3. establish a meaningful contact or connection with.
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6 Principles For Making New Growth Initiatives

Growth opportunities are different from your core business and therefore require different skills and an understanding of your customer’s needs. They also require commitment. Below are 6 things that you should consider when making new growth initiatives work within your business.

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