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Why ERP Makes A Difference

Until we know what ERP is, and how it works, we cannot fully understand how ERP solutions can benefit your business. ‘ERP’ stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and while the full name may hint at what ERP is, it still does not give us much information about what it does.

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What Is The Cloud?

There are two answers to this question, a very technical answer, and a more generic answer that focuses on the benefits. We will try and answer both at a high level, and give you the opportunity to speak with us if you require more information.

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Should Your Organisation Consider The Cloud

More and more software vendors are moving their traditionally installed products online, and more and more organizations are moving their files and other data to the Cloud. But at the same time, we are bombarded by news stories about hackers, security breaches, and spying.

How do you reconcile these two truths? You can find a lot of strong opinions on the matter, but don’t make up your mind until you consider the pros and cons.

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The IT Buyer’s Guide to Cloud ERP

Cloud applications are usually referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), while the platform may typically be called Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). An off-the-shelf cloud ERP solution consists of applications such as accounting, human resources management, asset management, etc. customer relationship management (albeit not all under a single suite) just like its on-premise counterpart and these core applications are a baseline for all ERP implementations. Therefore, expecting these components is natural. However, there is more to managing a cloud ERP than realizing the benefits of the functionality it offers. For example, what about the related IT issues that come with a new ERP package, especially one that is residing somewhere outside your own datacenter? This paper addresses the following topics which are related to that aspect tied to the platform on which the ERP solution is delivered and should be a critical part of your process of choosing your next cloud-based ERP system:

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