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3 Ways to Increase Employee Devotion

The bottom line is this, devoted employees are the ones delivering the most value to your organisation! The question is this, how do you increase employee devotion? How do you ensure that you are creating the best possible environment for your teams to flourish, and give you their best?

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3 Steps to Inspire Innovation

One of our favourite quotes, from one of our favourite innovators! Steve Jobs and Apple are one of the best modern examples of pure innovation. Apple unapologetically pursued a path of being the best in everything they did, creating products that didn’t just perform, but products that changed the way we do life today.

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Finding the WHY in a world full of WHAT

Who, What, Where, Why, and When! Those five words, in that order! That’s how we recite them, that’s how we remember the 5 W’s! Whoever came up with that order clearly did it so they were easier to rhyme off but little did they know the damage they would cause to our businesses and industries.

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6 Principles For Making New Growth Initiatives

Growth opportunities are different from your core business and therefore require different skills and an understanding of your customer’s needs. They also require commitment. Below are 6 things that you should consider when making new growth initiatives work within your business.

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5 Keys to a Relaxing Christmas for SME Owners, Managers and Leaders

It's that time of the year again

Everyone is preparing for Christmas, excited about time off, then there are SME owners, managers, and business leaders, unplanned, unprepared, and unaware of what setbacks will come with this year’s holiday season!

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5 Business Podcast You Should Be Tuning into Every Week

One aspect of business that I take very seriously with myself and my team is a continual focus on personal development. Not just for in work, but also for their personal lives, future goals and aspirations, and their own performance.

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Dress For Your Future

At little over 6 months ago, I made one of the most drastic decisions of my life. I shocked my boss, my colleagues, my team, and more than any other, it shocked my wife. It didn’t come easily, nor naturally to me, and it was a huge shock to the system, but after many months of deliberation, I did i...

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3 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

The workplace has changed drastically over the past number of decades, and we now expect more than a wage from our workplace. One of the most common expectations is solid leadership. We hear from people so often that have left their job due bad leadership, but how do we ensure that we don’t become one of those organisations? Here are 3 ways to improve employee satisfaction in 2016.

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10 Books To Encourage Personal Growth For Leaders

When Elon Musk was asked about how he has learnt to build rockets. He had a simple answer: “I read books”.

On that simple point, here are 10 books you should read over the next year to drive success, and invest in your own personal growth.

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3 Steps to Re-Energise your Work Ethic

Nurturing my work ethic has always been a priority to me. You see, some people believe your either born with it, or not. They think it’s clear cut, yet this very thinking has been the catalyst of many people believing they have been somehow duped in life by not being graced with the “Work ethic gene”. Understanding what a work ethic is, and is not, is essential in nurturing and developing the person you want to be.

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Routine Inspired Growth

The reality of life is simple. The desire to make a difference in the world is so great that people will literally do anything to be successful.

Let’s be honest, there are moments when we have all stopped and asked yourself: “Could I be next Steve Jobs?” or whoever it may be. We all aspire to create change, make a difference...

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Future-proof your Business: Is Your Business Ready for Growth?

If I told you right now that I was wearing the same clothes as when I was 3 years of age and have sustained growth throughout the entire time with no issue, you would surely laugh. It’s absurd to think that any type of growth can be sustained without change. For Businesses still running their financial systems on spreadsheets or archaic on-premise software it's much the same

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Business Priorities for 2016

Evaluating focus, and setting organisational priorities is essential for managing growth and creating a work force that is aware of direction and vision of your organisation.

The following are areas we will continue to focus on during 2016, with the aim of growing, expanding and enabling a work force that understand what our priorities and direction will be this year.

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12 Healthy Habits for Business Growth in 2016

As CEO for 3EN, established in Holywood, Northern Ireland, and now with offices in Dublin, Ireland and Bonn, Germany, and with representation in the USA and England, we have had some serious growth over the past 5 years. With that growth we at 3EN have created and learnt habits that have helped us to grow

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