5 Simple Steps to Help You Find Your Passion in the Workplace

Personally speaking, I am a real advocate of ensuring that you work at what you love. I feel like nothing is more important than finding a real passion for something and making it what you do every day.


Because here is the truth. Even when you work at something you love and have a passion for every day can still be as exhausting, it can even at times be boring and agitating, so why would I want to have this experience, but with something which I have no passion or desire to do. You see sacrifice is only worth it when you know the end outcome is something that is of any worth to you!

This is the reason why so many people are disgruntled, exhausted, and in complete despair with their jobs. You feel like there is loads of sacrifice that is worth very little to you. It’s the reason that people have become what they are paid, as this is the only worth they see in their job. To me, this is a sad state of affairs! Personally, I would far take less money to work at something I am passionate about, because, at the end of the week, when I am exhausted and pushed to the limit, I know it is worth it, and that I am getting to do something I truly love, that adds to my life more than money could buy.

So, rather than clock-watching the hours of your day at work go by, here are five simple steps you can apply, right now, to find your true passion.

Sacrifice is only worth it when you know the end outcome is something that is of any worth to you

Stepping Stones To Your Passion

1. Brainstorm.

What would you love to be doing for work? Don’t question it or ponder it too much. If you could be doing one thing, day in and out, what would it be? In this scenario, no bar is too high, just brainstorm a list of jobs and positions that you find interesting. A good technique for this activity is to think of things you loved to do as a child, those things that you swore you would be before the world came in and stole it from you.

2. Assess.

With the previous step completed, now its time to perform some honest skill analysis. Grasp an understanding of those skills you have, and the skills you need and ask yourself if you are willing to learn these skills to make a change. Remember, passion doesn’t mean easy, it just makes the hard work worth it. So, write down the skills you have, need, and are willing to learn, and be honest, not negative about yourself, just neutral. You don’t win brownie points with anyone in this scenarios by bosting or putting yourself down!

3. Ask.

If these steps have challenged you so far, this is by far the most crucial step of all. Think through a few people who know you well, and who you have spent enough time with that you feel like they could offer some insight into you that you may not even notice. Ask them what type of career that they think you would be perfect for and why. They may have some insight from being around you that you haven’t picked up on yet. It might surprise you what others see in you that you don’t even realise yourself.

4. Research.

By now you should have at least one thing that stands out to you. Start by doing some research on this opportunity. Research the requirements to work in that field, if you will need additional skills or education, what the salary is, and what the job is like day-to-day. An even more enlightening activity would be to find someone who is in the same position that can offer you insight into their job and any advice they could offer you that could help you step into that field of work.

If possible, find someone in a similar position that you can ask a few questions to see how they like it, what it takes to be successful in the career, and what advice they would give someone considering entering that field.

5. Act. 

It's crunch time! At this point, it should be clear what you would love to do in life that you have a real passion for. Now make it happen. Create an action plan, a SWOT analysis, and the pathway you need to take towards hitting your goal.


Remember what I said at the start, passion doesn’t make something easy, it makes it worth it! It will take drive, determination, and focus to get to your goal, but it is something you will never regret. Working at something that you are passionate about can change your life, bringing happiness and contentment that most people think they will never get out of any job. Whether you discover a new career path or a new way to love your current one, remember always, when times are tough, it’s because it’s worth it!