Quick Guide to Managing the 4 Basic Personality Types In The Workplace

Great leaders understand their people. That statement can often be taken for granted. We assume that we ‘know’ our team and to a degree, we probably know them enough to remember their birthdays or have a social conversation without it being awkward. But, is this enough? Understanding these 4 basic personality types could help you rise above the rest and empower you to be a better leader. So, what are they?


The Analytical

The analytical is an organised individual who sets very high standards for themselves. Without much oversight, they are organised, methodical and efficient in carrying out tasks with order and purpose. The analytical has their negative points too. They are over-analytical, often negative thinkers can be moody, and in some cases, they are afraid to take risks.

The best ways to interact with an analytical;

  • Ask rather than tell
  • Show patience, don’t rush or add pressure
  • Give them time and space to mull things over
  • Encourage them as much as you can for good work/decisions made.

The Driver

The driver shows great vision. They are the natural leader of a group and steps into that role almost immediately. A Driver can be difficult to discourage but confidence does help them take more risks and move forward with purposeful action. The negative points of a driver can be their lack of sensitivity, unsympathetic, and inconsiderate. This can cause them to be harsh, sarcastic, and proud.

The best ways to interact with a driver;

  • Get to the point
  • Give them responsibility.
  • Allow freedom to achieve goals independently
  • Show appreciation

The Amiable

Well balanced and patient are common traits of the amiable. They’re quiet, sympathetic, kind, and inoffensive. They tend to be easiest to get on with and are well-liked throughout the company. The negatives of an amiable are that they can be Stubborn, selfish, avoids conflict, and easily overwhelmed.

The best way to interact with an amiable;

  • Be gentle
  • do not overwhelm
  • Show consideration
  • Encourage risk taking  

 The Expressive

The fun-loving expressives are outgoing, charismatic, and very persuasive. They most likely could sell sand in the Sahara. Although there are some negatives to an expressive. Disorganized, undisciplined, loud, and talkative, these are the traits that are the response to the positives.

The best way to interact with an expressive;

  • Have a sense of humour
  • Socialize with them
  • Show appreciation for their charisma
  • Make sure they check their facts
  • Show excitement and participate in their conversations

Understanding these 4 personality types can really help you grow as a leader. There is real value in getting to know your people and how their personality types determine their attitudes. Why not spend some time with your team and get them to analyse themselves? Help them understand which of the 4 they fall in to, and how they can work better together by understanding each other’s personality type.