4 Ways to Boost your Confidence

I believe one of the biggest personality issues in society is lack of confidence and self esteem! In every sector, workplace, and job role, people are found struggling to give the best of themselves as a result of these two struggles. One of the roads to increasing in confidence is to seem more confident. You see, our heart and mind follows our actions and how we behave, if we can position ourselves in a place of confidence, our mind will begin to form habits that create confidence. 

Below is a list of 4 ways in which you can begin to create the confidence that you deserve, and become a contender for that promotion, new job, or pay raise you have been longing for!

1. Keep a list.

This is one of the best, easiest, and most private ways to give yourself a confidence boost. Keeping track of your accomplishments, past and present no matter how big or small, is a great way to remind yourself of how competent and capable you are! Most of the time workplace confidence is intrinsically tied to our self belief, that's why having a constant reminder of your accomplishments is a great way to boost that much needed confidence! 

Take time out every week to jot down the past week's accomplishments, and review your past achievements. A great quick boost, and also a great way to justify your next raise or promotion when the time comes around!

2. Change that Mindset.

As with any mindset shift, this is perhaps one of the most difficult adaptations to make, though an extremely rewarding one to grasp! Carol Dweck, psychologist and researcher, endorses something called the growth mindset. This mindset is one that believes that skills and abilities can be gained and developed through hard work, opposed to being set in stone. Take for example a child at school with the mindset that they are just no good at doing maths, as opposed to a child who believes that maths is something they can conquer through learning.

The benefit of this mindshift? Embracing the process and effort of learning places you in a position of knowing that no matter what comes your way, with a little hard work and focus, you can overcome it. It's not a matter of what you are and are not good at, it is a matter of resilience! Dweck suggests that kids who are praised for effort rather than ability are less likely to shy away from risk, and the same goes for adults. When we condition ourselves to focus more on being able to achieve anything through hard work rather than "natural ability" we instantly give ourselves a step up in confidence 

Constantly remind yourself that the skills necessary to succeed are are able to be learnt and developed. Stop focusing on the outcome, if a lack of self confidence tries to come along and steal this belief, take a moment to remind yourself that with a bit of hard work, you can do it!

3. Embrace Small steps.

Even the most diligent of us struggles with the "I want it now complex"! This is one of the most frustrating, and confidence battering, struggles we can have with ourselves. We all want to be at our destinations as quick as possible, but sometimes we want it all now, and all too soon. The majority of processes need you to be ready to embrace the small steps. Small steps are where the real learning is, and embracing them does wonders to your confidence. 

Embracing this mindset won't boost your confidence, but the alternative does masses of damage to it. Having a mindset that forces you to long for the end result before embracing the journey makes you feel like a failure for not reaching the pinnacle fast enough. Being prepared to take the small steps and enjoy the learning curve keeps confidence battering attitudes at bay!

4.  "me" to "we."

Last but not least, reach out to those around you! The best way to do this is to enter into a mentoring relationship with someone that has much more experience and insight than you. This is a great way to learn from someone who has been in your shoes before, that has learnt from their mistakes, choices and is prepared to help you grow and develop. Not only is this a possibility to grow and develop, sometimes having a trusted external individual highlighting what they see in you is an incredibly confidence boosting experience. More often than not it can be surprising what others see in us that we don't! 

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So there we have it, 4 tools you can use to boost your confidence! Like I said, I firmly believe this is one of the main issues that people are battling with in the workplace! Use these tools, commit to them, and follow through on them.