Why ERP Makes A Difference

Until we know what ERP is, and how it works, we cannot fully understand how ERP solutions can benefit your business. ‘ERP’ stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and while the full name may hint at what ERP is, it still does not give us much information about what it does.

To fully understand what an ERP Solutions does, you need to also fully understand all of the processes that are essential to running a business. These processes can include, CRM, managing finances and inventory, Human Resources and many more. ERP Software can consolidate all of these processes, functions and all of your information into one system to ensure your business is,  at very least,  more streamlined.

All ERP systems centralise their information on a shared database, and can relay it back in many different ways. This means that different areas of your business can view the same information in a manner that suits their needs.

ERP Systems also greatly benefit your business by providing some degree of harmonised reporting by allowing your business to generate reports from one system. This will ensure there is less room for human error by having to maintain separate databases that have to be merged to create one report.

‘Dashboards’ or ‘Portals’ are another useful ERP feature. These can show real time information regarding your business, they can provide you with reports, KPI's etc. all in the one area which allows you to gather information to quickly understand your business’ performance.

Ultimately ERP will help you run your business more easily and efficiently, by synchronising all of the different areas of your business.

3EN hugely rely on NetSuite as our cloud ERP Solution. It benefits our business hugely by allowing all of our staff, whether they are based in Germany, the US or Belfast, to share one single database.

The real time information and reports that the staff can view mean we are continually monitoring how our business is performing, and that we can address any issues promptly and efficiently. It also ensures that all relevant information is being shared throughout the business, no matter what part of the world our staff are working from. It also strengthens our customer relationship management by providing us with one source to store all information, and to create opportunities and sales orders from.

There are many advantages of ERP, such as being able to access more reliable real time information. Giving your business a solid platform to support your overall business processes and being able to make decisions more quickly and accurately can onle lead to more satisfied staff and ultimately a happier customer! Whats not to like?