3 Key Steps To Personal Growth and Career Success

The desire and passion to succeed is only half the battle. Many people desire to succeed, but without a plan, a routine, and clear goals, the journey is mostly unproductive. Whether its in work, school, personal life, whatever, it takes planning, preparation, and a clear direction to get you going, and most importantly of all, keep going!

With this in mind, below I have outlined three basic steps to get you going in the right direction, three things that we all need on this journey, and three things I continue to work on in my own life.

  1. Get Connected – Before you do anything, get connected. Social media platforms create a good opportunity to do this (like LinkedIn of course!), but don’t stop there. Begin by asking a couple of people of influence if they could spare 15 mins of their time for coffee to connect. From here use these opportunities to create mentors that are more experienced than you. It’s important to understand that there are people in the world that have a lot more knowledge and insight into success than you could ever dream of achieving alone. Establish Key mentors that encourage and drive you to succeed, share your dreams and vision, but remember to build a key relationship like this, its give and take!
  2. Build Your Brand – People will pay more for a brand than a product. Most people treat themselves as a product in their line of work. From day one, write down your skills, key characteristics and strengths, from here create a vision statement that outlines your individual brand characteristics. Share your vision and passion with those around you, establish your individual brand, hold yourself responsible for that brand, and review every 6 months or so. This will enable you to bring more to an organisation than just another name on the payroll.
  3. Take Control – Something you will learn extremely quickly in the business world is that no one cares more about your success than yourself. Take control of this, and be proactive. It’s important that you communicate your goals and aspirations to your managers, don’t be cocky, but don’t be shy either. Don’t be that person who expects everyone to assume exactly where you stand. If you haven’t said it, don’t expect them to hear it! Take control of you ambitions, and communicate, and work with those around you to achieve them. Communication is always key. Know who you want to be!

If you are eager to grow, and establish a routine and lifestyle of personal development, I would encourage you to download our new eBook. Packed with articles and resources to encourage and inspire development, this is the ideal kick starter for anyone eager to grow!