Dress For Your Future

At little over 6 months ago, I made one of the most drastic decisions of my life. I shocked my boss, my colleagues, my team, and more than any other, it shocked my wife. It didn’t come easily, nor naturally to me, and it was a huge shock to the system, but after many months of deliberation, I did it. I changed my daily work attire. Now for those of you who don’t know me, let me set the scene. I had spent years working within my role as a marketer dressed, in what I thought was, sensible attire for the job. Given, every now and then I maybe snuck in with a pair of crocs on, but it wasn’t as regularly as others would have you believe. I generally wore a flannel checked shirt, jeans, and a pair of trainers alongside donning my usual think long beard. This to me, was perfection.

Here was the trouble, I was limiting myself. As our business grew and expanded, I was no longer a fit for my position, nor the expectation of clients or potential partners, and I began to realise… maybe something needs to change. The difficulty is that once you are set in a way, a certain mindset, or routine, its difficult to change, even those around you can feel the impact of personal change. Now don’t hear me wrong, for your organisation, industry, or position, my original attire of Crocs may be a complete fit, and be perfectly suitable for you. By no means read this as a condemnation of that attire, but I do want to take you on a journey of discovery, a journey that taught me a valuable business lesson.

The Lesson

That lesson is simple, and it is this, “Dress appropriately for where you want to be, not where you are.”. This lesson took root in me in a different form than what you may be thinking, and it’s something 3EN has done since its inception. Simply, dress your business for where you want it to be, not where you are.

To dress your business as it stands is futile, establishing processes, standards, and systems for a small business is great, but how will this fit for the business you want to be? Will it allow you to be dynamic enough, scalable enough, and able to change quick enough to cater for the plans you have? The short answer is probably no. Some small business processes might filter through (and are actually hugely beneficial for large organisations) but some of the greatest growing pains businesses face are due to accommodating the present and owning it likes its home.

The Application

To embrace a business model that enables you in the present, but accommodates the future, is essential in crafting an organisation that withstands the tests of time. Dressing your business for the future you have planned for it by establishing software, processes, ethos etc., places you in a unique position. In the world in which we now live, small businesses want to act large, yet large businesses want to act small, and harnessing the best of both worlds will establish a powerhouse in any industry. This is one thing 3EN has established at its core from day one, we have dressed as a big player, and are continuing to deliver as so, but the processes, software, and backbone of the organisation allow us to continue to deliver the benefits of being small to our employees and clients equally. One of the main features that allow us to do this internally as well as deliver for our clients, is NetSuite. Offering us the ability to deliver on a large scale, with all the functionality of a large organisation, whilst still maintaining all the benefits of a small organisation, NetSuite, alongside solid internal processes and direction from our Professional Services team, has allowed us to harness this ability.


Now, don’t hear me wrong (and I apologise for the lack of fashion related spiel), it is still hard work, but it is the kind of hard work that places your business perfectly for the future no matter what is around the next corner. Place yourself in the driver’s seat of your future today, dress for your future, not your present.