Routine Inspired Growth

The reality of life is simple. The desire to make a difference in the world is so great that people will literally do anything to be successful.

Let’s be honest, there are moments when we have all stopped and asked yourself: “Could I be the next Steve Jobs?” or whoever it may be. We all aspire to create change, make a difference, and drive success by taking a leaf out of their books. When you really boil it down to the things that these “High Flyers” say helped them be successful, it would amaze you how many place a solid daily routine as one of the fundamental tools at the core of their success.

Short, but sweet, below is 3 of the most inspirational, successful, and driven persons daily rituals and routines that they attest to helping them focus, and gain success.

Steve Jobs

In his 2005 Stanford commencement speech, Steve Jobs talked about one daily habit that had the biggest impact on his life.

Each and every day, Steve Jobs would ask himself this simple question;

“If today was the last day of my life would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”

If he found himself answering “no” for too many days in a row, he knew it was time for change! This question helped him focus on what really mattered to him, what his deepest desires where, and how he was going to achieve them.

Steve Jobs expanded on this by adding;

“Remembering I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to make the big choices in life. Because almost everything, all external expectations, all pride, fear of embarrassment and failure, all these things just fall way in the face of death. Remembering you’re going to die, is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

Richard Branson

In a Business Insider article Sir Richard Branson, who is responsible for running over 400 companies under the Virgin banner, attributes his success to waking up at sunrise every day at around 5.45am.

Branson, an avid health and fitness fanatic, often starts his day with a swim around Necker Island, then onto either kite surfing or a game of tennis. All this before a healthy breakfast and onto a good days work.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin, similar to Steve Jobs, ended his day by asking himself one simple question: “What good have I done today?”. Famous for his detailed, thirteen-week self-improvement and virtues plan on the importance of things such as cleanliness, temperance etc. Benjamin Franklin ended each day by tracking his progress on a chart.

With a strict daily routine, even including in which specific hours he was allowed to sleep, eat and work, he stood and the helm of his successful printing business. See the image below for an example of how Benjamin Franklin planned out his daily routine.

So what am I trying to say?

Do your research, the majority of successful people attest their success in some way to a specific habit or routine.  A successful routine normally has these three things in common;

  1. Set goals, and stay focused on them
  2. Most are early risers.
  3. Some form of exercise, or mind and body time is always included.

And you can to...

The beautiful thing about this, is that routine is possible for everyone. Each of our lives normally fall into some kind of pattern, even if you work shifts, there is always a pattern to be found. Start small, but start committed, motivation is what gets you going, but habit is what keeps you going. Set your goals, create a routine that works for you, and be willing to be flexible to find the perfect balanced routine that fits your goals and lifestyle.

Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done!