3 Steps to Re-Energise your Work Ethic

Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.
— Tim Fargo

Nurturing my work ethic has always been a priority to me. You see, some people believe you're either born with it, or not. They think it’s clear cut, yet this very thinking has been the catalyst of many people believing they have been somehow duped in life by not being graced with the “Work ethic gene”. Understanding what a work ethic is, and is not, is essential in nurturing and developing the person you want to be. The very fact you are currently reading this blog is an indicator that there is a spark within you that knows there is more. And you are totally right, there is always more, but to access more, you need to know where it comes from, and how to get it.

In this blog I want to share with you the three pillars that I continually develop to help increase my work ethic, and also share with you what the term “Work Ethic” really means to me in driving success.

1. Work Ethic Is Not Working More

Given, I do put in a lot of hours, but hear me out. It is futile to believe that because you are working more than another, that your work ethic is better. Work ethic, is more than the work you do, it’s also the work you don’t do. I have worked numerous, and varied jobs, some more demanding than others, but through this experience I discovered that part of a great work ethic is understanding when you need to stop. I am useless if I am burnt out, and unrested. I am no good to my employer if I am not delivering at the top of my game. Part of my desire to succeed in the past has led me to burnout at certain jobs, the pressure of thinking that the more you do, the better you are, is a sure-fire way to cultivating the exact opposite of a work ethic.

Now don’t hear me wrong, work ethic IS working hard. It IS going that extra mile. Success does require you to give it your all. And working slightly more than most around you, is a probable outcome, but let my next point tackle this sticking point!

2. Work Ethic and Passion Are Synonymous

Listen to me, you cannot, and will not, have one without the other. Show me your passion, your deepest desires, and you’ll find your work ethic. Passion breeds work ethic, but work ethic sustains passion. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can just work your way to the top of something that doesn’t strike a chord in your heart. At the same time, don’t be fooled into thinking that you have a passion for something that doesn’t drive you to action. I have worked jobs in the past that I believed I was passionate about, but after the passion wore off, I found my work ethic slumping. This is known as a “fad”, something that is not truly a sustainable desire for your life. Though don’t think that once you find your passion your work ethic will always come easy. No way! It requires the work ethic to sustain it. The difference is, the work ethic that your passion demands will be so great, that you can see the worth in the sacrifice it desires.

3. Nail a Routine

Start now, and maintain it. It can be as complex or as simple as you want, but find a routine that fits your goals and lifestyle. It will be the most valuable thing you ever do. For me it’s simple, I tried the regimented time allocated activity thing for a while, but it didn’t fit me. My routine grew and developed, especially over the last year, to the point where mine is currently as simple as a morning structure that helps me flow into the rest of my day. Start with something, no matter what it is, build on it, develop it, and never be afraid to change it to suit you. I would also recommend jotting down your routine with the exact goals and aspirations you're working towards. After all, they are the very reason that you ended up here in the first place! Click here to read more about building a routine.

Before you go...

After reading all this, do me one favour today, and put some part of this into action. Make a conscious choice to make some movement today. I do not care if it’s a Tuesday afternoon, and its not the best time, and you’ll start next week, or tomorrow morning. DON’T! Start today no matter what. It’s the only way you will get going!