3 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

The workplace has changed drastically over the past number of decades, and we now expect more than a wage from our workplace. One of the most common expectations is solid leadership. We so often hear from people who have left their job due bad leadership, but how do we ensure that we don’t become one of those organisations? Here are 3 ways to improve employee satisfaction in 2017.

1. Customers are Second (kind of)

The age old rule of customer first is definitely right, but how does that flow from the top down? It’s easy for leadership to demand good customer service, but how do they set the standard? At 3EN we believe that if our employees are treated as our no.1 priority, they will in turn treat our clients as their no.1 priority. It flows from the top down! A culture of, "do as I say not as I do", rarely works, and most of the time leads to disgruntled staff. By setting the culture of respecting one another, and creating an atmosphere where employees are encouraged, rewarded, and happy, can only impact the customer experience positively!

Customers are only as happy as the front line staff!

2. Realise You Are Not no.1

Business leaders often lead from the front, as the no.1 in knowledge and understanding. Expecting any one “below” them to be subservient to their command. In return, you create a culture that says “I am the expert” … when you really are not! Leaders should be standing at the back giving direction and guiding their employees. CEO of 3EN, Dale Cree, recently stated “I employ highly intelligent people, who's job I couldnt do, and then I wonder, why do I employ intelligent people, then try and tell them what to do?”. Create an environment where leaders feel able to be subservient to employees, and take time to listen and take advice from people on the ground. In doing this you create a culture where employees, and their views, are critical to your business.

3. Communication is Key

Communicating organisational objectives, goals and mission statement, is hugely important. Employees who lack vision and understanding of “Why” are detrimental to any organisation. We are great at communicating the “What” of an organisation, as it’s more often than not, self-explanatory. The “Why” is the heart of the organisation, the part where you tell your employees the reason for what we do. The “What” does not hold the motivation, and will not resonate a reason for why employees should engage. If you haven’t already, go back to the reason for what you do. 3EN operates because we want to provide a service and solution that impacts your business through your people, processes and systems, and delivers you and your clients a top level experience. Figure out why you do what you do, then communicate it!

All these aside, one of the most important aspects of a successful organisation is a happy, motivated and rewarded workforce. We don’t vouch to get these all right, every time, but we see that it works, and so do our clients. How do you plan on stepping up your employee engagement this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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