Business Priorities for 2016

Business Priorities

Evaluating focus, and setting organisational priorities are essential for managing growth and creating a work force that is aware of the direction and vision of your organisation.

The following are areas that we will continue to focus on during 2016, with the aim of growing, expanding and enabling a work force that understand what our priorities and direction will be this year.

Support Learning and Education

CFO - “What if we spend all this money on development and training and people leave?”

CEO - “What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

The truth is that we can’t afford not to train and maintain our staff. We aren’t, and won’t ever be a business that does just enough. We aim to do more, go above and beyond, be experts in our individual areas, and as a business that has doubled in size in the past year, we don’t just need to, but want to develop and enhance our employees learning and education. With staff that are experts in their field and an environment that encourages development and growth, 3EN aims for our culture to overflow into the clients and organisations that we work with, thus enabling us to offer the service they need.

This is an area that will constantly be one of our top priorities every year, without compromise!

Create Focus

Good process, clear communication, and continual improvement towards an agreed goal allows for efficient, effective, and involved staff that can stay focussed on the events, tasks, and goals that align with the agreed 3EN objectives. Focused staff produce focused work, and focused work is likely to impress, stay true to the prior objectives and deliver on requirements. With NetSuite in place to manage tasks, time, projects and billing, we aim to give our staff an environment of focus and direction, enabling them to deliver!

Encourage ownership

We are all sales, we are all marketing, and we are all in customer service. Working as a team and ensuring a solid working culture stops people being precious about responsibilities without diluting who is accountable. The positive impact that communication and leadership has on attitude and the togetherness of an organisation is priceless. Who you are in the background defines who you really are, and drives the attitude that shows through your working environment. Creating a culture of ownership and team work creates a feeling of a single entity rather than isolated departments.


Our hope is that you find this beneficial not only in regards to 3EN, but more so to give you an insight into how to set focus points, business priorities, and expectations as an organisation.

Please let us know what your focus points for this year are, what do you hope to see happen in your organisation in 2016?