A complete solution for corporate treasury and finance management

Kyriba’s Proactive Treasury Management solution enables organizations to optimize their cash, minimize risk and work their capital more effectively through the use of comprehensive and integrated set of capabilities covering cash management, forecasting, payments, risk management and supply chain finance. 

Kyriba offers a suite of solutions including:

  • Cash & Liquidity
  • Payments
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Financial Transactions
  • Risk Management

With Kyriba, organizations can make more effective financial decisions through enhanced visibility into cash, liquidity, financial positions, and risk exposures. This enables clients to become a strategic partner and create tangible value for their organization, in addition to minimizing risk, enhancing control and compliance, and increasing operational productivity.

Fully virtualized, with complete replication for business continuity, Kyriba delivers all the breadth, depth, and flexibility of a treasury management system in a cloud deployment to ensure that all Kyriba clients benefit from:

  • Security in the cloud
  • Managed upgrades
  • Deployment anywhere in the world
  • The most new features brought to market of any treasury system year after year
  • Compliance with internal and external cloud & information security policies

If you want to be in the cloud, you need to be in The Treasury Cloud with Kyriba.

Kyriba: Your Trusted Global Partner for Treasury Management Solutions