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The Difference Between True Cloud and Fake Cloud (and why it matters)

Buyers beware: Not all hosted software offerings marketed as "cloud" are true cloud solutions. So how can you tell a true cloud solution from a fake one? And, more importantly, why should you care?

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The Economic and Strategic Benefits of Cloud Computing

Does SaaS save money? Traditional vendors of IT products and services argue that systems deployed on-premises are more cost-effective over the long run than their cloud-based counterparts. Cloud providers, on the other hand, argue that the upfront savings are significant and that the real benefits of SaaS are not in direct cost savings but in the strategic advantages that the cloud brings to the organization. For organizations to make intelligent decisions regarding the cloud, it is important to understand the relative costs of SaaS vs. on-premises systems. Download the report from Computer Economics to uncover the truth about the strategic benefits of cloud computing.

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