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Using Redux and ReactJS to Create a Custom Support Desk in NetSuite

As JavaScript applications become more and more complex, the state that must be managed by the code increases beyond anything that was expected in the past. With so many different components affecting the applications state, it is very hard to know what is going on inside the program. I will demonstrate the value of using Redux by showing how we have been using it to create a custom support search page within NetSuite and explain its core concepts.

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React: An Introduction

In the ever-expanding world of client-side web interfaces, frameworks and libraries are evolving fast and free. Whilst the previous trend moved toward entire client-side requirements such as AngularJS, Ember and Meteor, React took a different approach.

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Using ES6 with SuiteScript 2.0

At SuiteWorld 2017, NetSuite announced that they would be supporting ECMAScript 5, but what if you want to use the newer ECMAScript 6? Our R&D team have been using the newer ES6 with SuiteScript 2.0 for the past few months with great success.

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