What to Expect from NetSuite 2019.1

NetSuite is set to release their 2019.1 upgrade to all their users in April. If you are already a client of NetSuite, you should expect to see your New Release Portlet on your Home Dashboard. Within this Portlet, you can review your release notes, get access to training resources and login to a release preview account. If this portlet is not on your dashboard, you can view it by personalising your dashboard.

Overarching the New Release is the newly refined User Interface. While NetSuite has focused on adding key features that will massively benefit most of us, they are also embracing a new look and feel. The new UI looks cleaner, slicker and more modern, allowing for your dashboard & reports to look more aesthetically pleasing.

While I am primarily excited about the new UI, there are some Key Features of the New Release which are equally as exciting.


Some of you may have had visibility into the new SuiteAnalytics Workbook as a beta feature in 2018.2, however, with 2019.1, the SuiteAnalytics Workbook will be available to all NetSuite instances. The SuiteAnalytics Workbook is a new analytical tool which leverages a new unified data source, which allows you to combine queries, pivot tables and charts. The new Workbook is meant to be more user-friendly, with features such as drag and drop editing, while still allowing complex analysis to be carried out.

With Saved Searches and Reports being the previous constant within NetSuite Analytics, the new SuiteAnalytics Workbook feels like an exciting new release allowing for a more dynamic, single source, user-friendly way of building out reports.

International Focus

NetSuite seems to be making the use of their software a no brainer for international companies.

They have added further advancements to Suite Tax, enhanced localisation in countries such as Mexico and Japan, and added more capabilities to Multibook accounting, allowing adjustment only books and book specific budgets. A lot of the functionality that will be released in 2019.1, seems to address, and the ease pain points that many Global Organisations may have.


Any developers that have built on SuiteCommerce may have previously muttered and grumbled about “usability”. However, it looks like NetSuite has conceded. A lot of the enhancements around this part of the product seems to address some usability issues, making it easier for those who aren’t developers to make some changes to their site.

They didn’t just focus on usability however, they have also added some new features such as google tags manager, best selling products, featured products, and multi-cart for the B2B businesses out there.

Professional Services Automation

For those of us who use PSA within the system, you may be pleased to hear that you can now create Projects from an opportunity and estimate. You may be familiar with this functionality, however, before 2019.1 you could only create a project from a Sales Order. Now you can plan and prepare your project from an earlier stage, allowing you to have more future visibility.

Something small, but has been previously tedious for some, is that you can now manage resources as a group. Meaning if you have set teams or groups that consistently work on projects together, you can add them as a resource to the project as a group instead of individually. Even better, once they are added as a group project resource, you can still manage resources individually.

Employee Management

Employee Management, or Human Capital Management, is becoming more of a focus for NetSuite. In 2019.1, the HR personnel among us will be glad to hear that employee data will be even further locked down. A checkbox can be selected, called Core Admin Permission, to allow a user to give an employee access to the system (which must be done through the employee record) without seeing the employee’s sensitive information.

NetSuite has also been working hard on streamlining time sheets, time off, and working hours for employees. You can now select employee ‘types’, allowing you to report better and calculate time off accruals. The standard timesheets have a nicer look and feel and there is now the capability to provide alerts for things like ‘time off expiry’.

Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution

To those of you who use NetSuite (or don’t) and are in this industry, I would advise you to read up on the detail surrounding the new functionality that will be offered within 2019.1. There is a lot, and I believe the benefits could be huge!

Some of what you will see is improvements to reporting, such as additional fields added to the Supply Chain Snapshot, a handy report that shows “built, buildable and shortage” at a glance, and “buildable BOMs” (which BOM’s can you complete based on your inventory). They are offering location-specific settings for Works Orders, longer item descriptions, and CSV imports for Advanced BOMs, and much more.

And lastly, users spoke, and NetSuite listened. A highly requested piece of functionality will be released in 2019.1, which now means the communications tab will be added to Item Records within NetSuite.

Preview & Get in Touch.

This might say a lot about me, but I am genuinely excited about this New Release. I think the benefits will speak for themselves, and I now cant wait to see what will come from 2019.2.

Remember, if you want to preview it, as an Oracle NetSuite Client, you should have a release preview log in. More importantly, if you have any questions, queries, or concerns please feel free to contact us, and we would be more than happy to shed any light on anything you need to know.


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