4 Key Issues Facing IT Leaders in 2019

With 2018 throwing all kinds of new innovations in policy, process, and applications, 2019 is shaping up to be quite the year for IT leaders! All this innovation and progress is incredible, but as with anything new, there also comes teething issues. Many of these issues will be iterations of longstanding hurdles that the IT world has long battled, but many will be new, fresh-faced issues that IT will have to combat. Below we will outline 4 of the main issues we believe will set the pace of demand on IT leaders in 2019. Stemming from Security to Agility, keep reading below to discover some of the more pressing issues IT leaders can plan to come up against throughout the coming year.

1. Security

At the top of the list, and no surprise to anyone, is security. As always, security should continually be at the forefront of your IT strategy, but in light of a rather shady 2018 in the realms of security, there is no bigger issue in 2019! Many IT leaders need to keep their eyes on AI-driven cyber threats that are looming over us. Provisions for training and systems are needed to enable security professionals to be extra vigilant to AI driven attacks this year and be prepared to implement AI-based protection to combat such a threat.

This will be a continual theme in IT throughout eternity, but this year is gearing up to set in motion a new generation of security threats.

2. Data Protection

2018 saw the full-scale rollout of GDPR in Europe, bringing with it a worldwide knock-on effect. Only recently we saw that even the giants of this world are not immune to the effects of GDPR, with Google seeing a GDPR fine of £44m.

Although GDPR is a European regulation, the application of it is for the protection of European citizens, and as a result, impacts any global or local business processing EU citizens personal data. As a result of GDPR, 2019 will see growing pressure on any organisation, regardless of geography, to make amends to their data privacy policies to realign with GDPR. Also, a rising pressure will be seen on governments globally to adopt regulations akin to GDPR to protect their citizens personal data.

This impact of all this in 2019 will have a knock-on effect on everything from IoT to website usage. This, in turn, creates all kinds of issues in the IT landscape, placing a demanding pressure for the delivery of processes and policies that create a more robust and efficient way of protecting the privacy of individuals connected to your organisation.

3. Lack of Agility

Agile is no new concept in the IT world, but unfortunately, it has been badly adopted and badly implemented, often leading to the adaption of a hybrid method of linear and agile concepts. 2019 will make no allowances for this, placing a growing expectation on the delivery of a new generation of agility in delivery.

IT teams will see a growing demand on a disciplined approach to development, resulting in a true and proper agile release process addressing problems within a specific areas.

The concept isn’t new, but widely badly applied. 2019 will continue to see a demand on IT leaders resolving this hybrid method, and alleviate the issues surrounding agility in agile delivery and development.


IT Leaders have continued to struggle in developing a foolproof method for capturing and presenting the ROI of IT ventures. With many organisations taking a brutally hard look at their current IT spend, matched with the vast amount of analytical data at their fingertips, IT leaders are in a tough position in defending and displaying the ROI of their IT decisions. 2019 needs to be a year to break free from the burdens of history surrounding this issue, demanding IT leaders to take the reins of their departments and find a robust way of generating a true ROI figure in defence of their systems and decisions. Though, depending on the complexity of your current IT spend combined with the size of your organisation, this is often more easily said than done.


These, amongst many other IT related issues will set the pace of expectation for leaders in 2019. But with all that being said, with the momentum of innovation in the IT industry, who knows where we will be by that turn of 2020. We are in a generation of rapid change, and only at the inception of the technological revolution, meaning that we have many more issues coming our way.

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