NetSuite vs SAP

Let me start off by totally undermining the title of this blog. It’s the wrong question!! If you have been searching for the answer to this question, or researching to discover why you should buy one over the other, I’m sorry to say, but you’ve got it all backwards!! But you are not alone, many organisations take this approach, but it isn’t going to benefit your search.

And here is why!

Before we get into this…

Could I spend my time unpicking, comparing, and critiquing both solutions to the point where there is a definite, biased, answer. Of course, that would be easy, but it helps no one!

The reality. You aren’t really looking for SAP, NetSuite, or any other product out there. You’re looking for a solution that can fulfil your business requirements best! Any good salesperson or marketer can tell you the benefits of one over the other. The truth is this. Both products do what they do very well, it’s the reason so many large and small organisations use these solutions, and succeeded in doing so!

What I’m really saying is, the solution, its name, and brand, aren’t what you are looking for. Your business is unique, and no group of features, list of benefits, nor carefully constructed sales lingo, can make one ounce of a difference to your business. What really matters is knowing what you need, how a solution fits around your exact requirements, and what company can build a platform that offers you the solution.


First Step

We can’t really speak for SAP, and we aren’t the type of business that really endorses slamming other solutions, highlighting their shortcomings and failures. But what we can do is offer you a way to quickly check if the cloud suits you or not. The reason for this is simple, if you want a pure, true, cloud solution that will grow with your business, NetSuite is the solution you need. So to discover if the cloud really suits your organisation, click below to download our free eBook, “Should Your Organisation Consider the Cloud?”.

Second Step

Once you have identified whether on premise, cloud, or a hybrid style system suits you best, your next step is selecting a provider. In complete honesty, the key to any successful software implementation is the partner you choose to work with. There are many people who would give negative feedback on NetSuite as a solution, though most of the time the reality is that they have been failed by their provider, not the solution itself! The same can be said for most IT solutions, provider or vendor failure is the #1 cause of unsuccessful software implementations. For this reason, sometimes it can be even more important to find a provider that can fulfil your needs even before getting your mind set on a specific solution!


With this in mind, here are the 3 things to remember that only a solution provider can give you and software can’t!

1) A Solution

Your business doesn't need software; you need a solution. The software won’t bring the solution, the people, the processes and the method behind the software is the only thing that can provide a true solution for your business.

Remember – Be comfortable that you have a solid team that is driving your business objectives throughout the implementation. Be confident that the choice you have made doesn’t just fill a hole, but creates a whole new opportunity for your organisation.

2) A Growth Platform

In the current economic climate, you need flexibility, scalability and agility to manage your business optimally, these are the software attributes behind any true business success (Bar the brains behind the business). These three attributes allow your business to react, make decisions and scale in a completely natural manner. Not all platforms have this built in as a given! It’s important to identify the providers that are with you to deliver against your objectives, and help partner with you, more than just provide software and services!!

Remember – Don’t settle for a solution that just sustains your organisation. It’s not an effective model, and in the long term a lack of flexibility and scalability cost businesses far more than a slightly more expensive solution that will grow with you.

3) A Commitment

More than just the software that they provide, the organisation behind your implementation should be committed to your company’s growth and success more than their software.

Remember - A company that is more committed to "their solution" than they are to "The Solution" for your business, is a clear red flag! A dedicated support structure, infrastructure, passion to work with you goes a lot further than the software itself.


I know, you are probably sitting there wondering why I haven't just answered your question about who wins SAP or NetSuite. The reality is, no one has to win! That's why I wrote this article, to highlight one of our key principles, we aren't in this to win anything, and no good solution provider should be. Find a solution provider that's there to see you win! That has your best interests at heart, and is passionate about your business!

What matters is that you need to achieve what's important to you! The "vs" argument can go round and round in circles, when in reality, we are all missing the point completely. This isn't about good software, this is about driving business success, and efficiency through a solution!

Just because you own a hammer, doesn't mean you can build a house!


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