4 Benefits of a Business System Health Check

Humans have stressed for years about how “human-like” technology is becoming. The concept of some AI machine trying to take over the world isn’t new either! Though we all know AI is a long way off world domination, there is one aspect of IT that is just like you and I.

It gets sick, it can grow old, and worst of all, it can break down! Just like us, every so often your business system needs a health check of its own.

Depending on the size and complexity of your organisation and business systems, conducting a business system health check varies in ease, time consumption, and regularity. All this aside, what shouldn’t be ignored is the need for you to have a clear understanding of the state of your Business Systems.

Here are five of the main business benefits of a regular system health check.

1. Know Where You Stand

The most obvious benefit of a health check is getting a chance to see the bigger picture, an overview of where you stand. This provides you with the basic knowledge of the overall performance, opportunities for improvements, user experience, data integrity, and reporting accuracy of your current system.

All in all, you should be left with the ability to identify key improvements, system shortcomings, user gripes, and your current overall position.

2. Understand Your Maturity

ERP systems all go through three maturity stages, often referred to as;

  1. Project Initiation
  2. Post-Implementation
  3. Normalisation

Generally, from stage one through to stage three, ERP usage should get easier as you go, with stage three being the stage where the most strategic value is reaped from regular use.

A health check will help pinpoint exactly where your current systems stand internally, and externally in relation to the market. Understanding your ERP maturity is necessary for aiding you in driving key system improvements for your organisation, and to accurately project IT spend for the future.

3. Secure Data Integrity

ERP health checks lead to an opportunity to secure you systems data integrity, driving key improvements in reporting, data accuracy, and system speed, not to mention comply with modern legislation… I’m looking at you GDPR! This gives you a chance to clean up your system, and start from a clean slate.

The benefits this aspect of an ERP health check are vast, remember, your system runs on data, take this opportunity to ensure you iron out any creases in your systems data.

4. Future Proof Your Business

Ultimately, a system health check helps your future proof your business. Is should provide you with the information you need to take next step in your business journey, and make strategic decisions to direct your future. The information gleaned from your system health check should leave you with one of three options;

  1. Keep the system as is
  2. Expand with addons or opt for an updated version of the system
  3. Shop for a new system

Even in cases when the current system is performing well, an ERP health check is valuable. As ERP implementation moves on in maturity, system consultants can offer quick fixes that can make huge differences to business processes. These immediate financial savings often neutralize the cost of the health check itself.