What NetSuite Has in Store for Us Over The Next 20 Years

As NetSuite turns 20 years old, Evan Goldberg, Founder and EVP of Product Development, walks us through the plans NetSuite has for the next 20 years.

Continuity + More

The focus of NetSuite since its acquisition has stood true! The continuity of NetSuite as a strong and longlasting Oracle product has withstood the scrutiny thrown at the deal in the early stages. This is great news for all, as Evan Goldberg states in the video “Don’t fix what ain’t broke”. Oracle seems to be doing just that, investing and growing the product, over previous fears that they would push NetSuite away from its current market! Standing firmly by its mission statement, NetSuite appears more focused and better positioned than ever to enable companies of all sizes to realise their vision!

Evan Goldberg outlines three focus points for NetSuite over the coming years;

  1. Increase R&D
  2. Adoption of Oracle Technology
  3. Rapid International Growth

Here is a summary of what Evan Goldberg had to say on these three points.

1. Increase Research and Development

Growing faster than ever, NetSuite is committed to ensuring it stays as relevant in 20 years time as it is today. To achieve this, NetSuite is laser-focused on investing more and more time and resources in developing their products. Investing that time in R&D will secure their future and maintain their position as pack leaders in the Cloud ERP world.

2. Adoption of Oracle Technology

Although this is no surprise, it is still a huge advantage to the NetSuite product family and its users. Now having direct access to Oracle engineers and innovations, NetSuite can leverage areas of game-changing expertise in technologies such as blockchain and AI. Also on the cards is the adoption of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that will support international expansion, amongst a whole host of improvements in speed, performance, versatility, security, and governance.

It’s important to note that this transition won’t happen overnight. Though, as NetSuite continues to move onto OCI, it will enable the ability to expand more quickly and at a lower resource cost.

3. Rapid international growth

Last, but not least, NetSuite’s goal is to help our customers and partners embrace the opportunity for global expansion. Currently, NetSuite operates in 199 countries, supports 190 currencies and 24 languages, and there is more on its way by the sounds of things. It seems that NetSuite is not only expanding its global presence but also support for more currencies, languages and localisations.

As Mark Hurd said from day one of the NetSuite acquisition, NetSuite seems to be on track to live forever! With investment from Oracle continuing to increase, it seems to be all about growing, scaling, and developing for the better of all.