Atom NetSuite Snippets for SuiteScript 2.0

We have updated our NetSuite-Atom-Snippet repository on GitHub to add more SuiteScript 2.0 templates. These shells have enabled us to develop our scripts rapidly and with confidence.

2018-06-28 09_47_35.gif

A full list of the newly available and updated SuiteScript 2.0 prefixes are as follows:

  • search
  • define
  • restlet
  • userEvent
  • bundleInstallationScript
  • suitelet
  • scheduledScript
  • workflowAction
  • portlet
  • massUpdateScript
  • mapReduce
  • clientScript

View our README on GitHub to learn how to use the snippets.

Some other useful tools we use are JSDoc and autocomplete-netsuite. Both can be found on our GitHub.



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