How To Set Up Your NetSuite For Outlook Connector

The purpose of the NetSuite to Outlook integration is to allow the flow of information such as emails, tasks and events between NetSuite and Outlook. It means that you can create a task in Outlook that will also display in NetSuite or alternatively create a task in NetSuite and it will also display in your Outlook. It also allows the attachment of an email to a record within NetSuite meaning that any correspondence that has taken place outside of NetSuite can still be attached, tracked and maintained within NetSuite. Walkthrough

The following steps will give you a quick insight into the steps during the setup process that will ensure a successful install.

1. Make sure all instances of Microsoft Outlook are closed on the computer.

2. Log in to NetSuite and select your role

3. There will be a Portlet on your Dashboard called ‘Settings’



4. Click on the ‘Set up NetSuite for Outlook’ link in the Settings Portlet, a new screen will appear.

5. Follow the Instructions on the screen, this will download the add-on for Outlook and install it onto your computer

6. Once Downloaded a login box will appear, you need to use the NetSuite credentials for the account you are using and the account number.

FYI - Tick ‘Remember Me’ otherwise each time your credentials will be required to log in.

To find your account number follow these steps:

  1. Go to Support
  2. Click the Go to SuiteAnswers button > Contact Support by Phone.

A new window will open and show you your NetSuite Account Number like this.


Set Up

The "Role" drop down will be preselected with the role the member of staff uses, this doesn’t need to be changed – see below for an example. If you are happy with this, then click ‘Next’


Click the box highlighted in blue beside "Outlook Synchronisation Folder" in the image below to select your folder.


Select the contacts you want to be synced. If your computer doesn't have any personal contacts, then your main contacts can be selected, or if there is a certain folder needing to be used simply select it and click ‘OK’.

No other changes need to be made on this screen, click ‘Next’


Once you have completed the steps above the install manager will then walk you through the following steps to complete your integration;

  1. Task synchronisation
  2. Phone Call Sync Settings
  3. Email Synchronisation Settings
  4. The process is complete, a screen will appear showing estimated records pending

Once you are happy you have completed all the set-up steps, click ‘Sync Now’ and all your information will start integrating between NetSuite and Outlook.

Done! You now have your Outlook integrated with NetSuite. One last piece of advice is to keep your Outlook integration up to date. You will be notified about regular updates via a pop-up. Don't be tempted to ignore these notifications as this is normally a major cause of your integration breaking or failing.

If you have any further questions, queries, or struggles with the Outlook - NetSuite integration, please feel free to contact us here, or leave us a comment in our comments section below this blog and a member of our team will get back to your ASAP.


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