Managing Your NetSuite File Cabinet

NetSuite file cabinet comes included in any the standard NetSuite Suite of products. The file cabinet can be used to store generic documents, documents that need to be attached to specific records, or payment files used by the Electronic Bank Payments SuiteApp.

You can navigate to the file cabinet using the centre tabs in most roles, or in an employee centre role, from the Home Links portlet on your home dashboard.

Role Based

Employee Center

Creating a New Folder in the File Cabinet

In the file cabinet, click ‘New Folder’.

The following window will appear, fill in the following fields


Field Definitions

Folder Name

Enter a relevant name for the folder

Sub-Folder Of

If this is a subfolder of another, select the parent folder here


The type field automatically populates with the appropriate value for the folder selected

Derived From

Use this field to set up a derivative hosting root when customising a SuiteCommerce Advanced web site. You must create a new hosting files folder derived from the hosting folder that serves assets to your live web site


Enter a description for this folder. This description only appears on the file record

Restrict by Class

Select a class if you want to restrict the documents and images in this folder by class

Restrict by Department

Select a department if you want to restrict the documents and images in this folder by department

Restrict by Location

Select a location if you want to restrict the documents and images in this folder by location

Restrict by Subsidiary

Select a subsidiary if you want to restrict the documents and images in this folder by subsidiary

Restrict by Group

Select a group if you want to restrict this folder by group


Check this box to make the contents on this folder visible only by you


Check this box to inactivate this record. When you check this, this file or folder will no longer appear on lists unless you check the Show Inactives box at the bottom of the folders list.


Adding a file to a folder

To add a file to a folder, first select the folder you wish to add the file to.

Click ‘Add File’

Select the file from your computer.

Uploading Multiple Files to the File Cabinet

To upload multiple files to the file cabinet, first put the files into a zipped folder on your computer.

Select the folder on the NetSuite file cabinet you wish to add the files to.

Click ‘Advanced Add’

Select ‘Choose File’ and select the zipped folder from your computer.

Ensure the correct Character Encoding is selected.

Select the desired preferences in the check boxes.

Click Add.

Note: Click Add & New if you want to add a further zipped file.

Editing & Deleting Files & Folders

To edit a file or a folder, click ‘Edit’ beside the file or folder.

Here you can change the names, locations and preferences of the file or folder.


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