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Miss the action at SuiteWorld18? Don't worry, we have all the keynotes you missed right here to catch up on. Also, keep an eye out for our full breakdown of SuiteWorld18 from our CEO, Dale Cree, and CIO, Mark Bell, next week. Click here to subscribe to insight to make sure you don't miss out!


Ready, Set, Grow


Tuesday, April 24

9:00am - 11:00am

Grow your insights. Watch the Opening Keynote at SuiteWorld18.



Mark Hurd

Chief Executive Officer, Oracle

Jim McGeever

Executive Vice President, Oracle NetSuite

Rachel Zoe

Chief Executive Officer, Rachel Zoe Inc.

Kara Goldin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, hint Inc.

Chris Merritt

Chief Revenue Officer, Cloudflare

Robert Bavis

Partner, Digital Platforms, Deloitte Digital


It's Grow Time

Wednesday, April 25

9:00am - 11:00am

Wednesday's Executive Keynotes, It's Grow Time, give you a glimpse into the future of NetSuite products and how they'll help you crush barriers to growth.



Evan Goldberg

Executive Vice President of Development, Oracle NetSuite

Allison Manetakis

Director, Product Management, Oracle NetSuite

Craig Sullivan

Global Vice President, Enterprise and International Products, Oracle NetSuite

Hanif Ismail

Vice President of Strategy and Product Management, Oracle NetSuite

Joav Bally

Vice President of Product Management and Engineering, Oracle NetSuite


Let's Get Growing

Thursday, April 26

9:30am - 11:00am

Our final Executive Keynotes, Let's Get Growing, feature leaders from the worlds of technology, sports and skincare, talking about how they grew the success of their businesses.



Jason Maynard

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing, Oracle NetSuite

Suzy Strutner

Editor, GrowWire, Oracle NetSuite

Kendall Fisher

Executive Producer, The Grow Show, Oracle NetSuite

Earvin "Magic" Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, Magic Johnson Enterprises

Troy Smith

Chief Information Officer, Aésop 

Kelvin Joseph

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, Steiner Sports Marketing Inc.


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