Best Practice Guide to Selecting a eCommerce Platform

Today’s digital world demands that any business, no matter how large or small, has an online presence of some description to even have a chance of survival. Because of the “Digital Revolution”, the commerce landscape continually shifts and changes, leading to many organisations being challenged by their outdated systems and their ability to support customer expectations.

How to Successfully Implement a Unified Commerce Platform -  Download

How to Successfully Implement a Unified Commerce Platform - Download

The key to delivering the experiences that customers expect in a digital world is a truly unified front & back-end commerce platform. A unified platform delivers a single source of all customer and business data, from order & inventory to customer & supplier data passing through all channels. All this, delivers a completely single view of data, driving front-end systems, such as eCommerce, POS and call centres, providing accurate information throughout the entirety of your business touch points. Driving up business efficiencies, and customer experiences.

Sifting through the world of “Commerce” solutions, can be a challenging task, knowing what you should be looking for can end up in confusion at best. The starting place should always be the customer experience, not matter what solution you are looking at, and build backwards from there. But what are some of the main considerations you should consider when looking for a commerce solution that delivers great customer experiences?

Below, we have outlined 5 of the top priorities of any commerce solution that is going to drive the type of customer experience you can be proud of!

Brand and Experience Management Flexibility

Brand experience is essential in creating the type of journey your customers wants, this means you need unlimited control over design. Being able to differentiate yourself, and deliver incredible experiences for you customers is a must, and having design and experience flexibility is essential to enabling you to stand out from the crowd, and gain that edge on your competitors. The ability to manage your site easily and seamlessly without the burden of technical staff, is essential to delivering great brand representation and experiences.

Utilise a pre-built, starting-point, platform

Allowing you to reduce your costs, alongside time to market, utilising a platform that has leading practices pre-built and ready to use allows you to customise form a standard starting point. Stop reinventing the wheel, find a platform that is intuitive enough to understand commerce, and customise from there forward.

Mobile First

More than 50% of buyers are using mobile devices to perform research and learn more about products. It’s an essential part of every customer journey. Ensuring your solution is responsive, and accommodating to the multitude of devices available, is key to providing a great customer experience, not to mention increased search engine rankings.

User account management

Be it viewing orders, cancelling orders, or checking the status on an order, your customers have a set expectation on what their experience should offer them.  Not only does this increase customer satisfaction, in tandem it allows you to off-load resources and time from other areas of your business. Alongside account management, B2B buyers will need additional abilities to view and pay invoices, view save selections of frequently purchased items and generating quotes. All of this being available at your customer’s fingertips any time they need it, cultivates, and builds towards an excellent experience for your customers.

Intuitive, Personal, and Interactive

From faceted search and guided navigation, to dynamic merchandising, ensure your have the ability to create a unforgettable experience, whether B2B or B2C. The ability to personalise and localise the experience based on customer data from your back-end systems, such as inventory and order information, ensures the touchpoints of your platform all line up, with your customers interests at the forefront of your thinking, creating relevant, retaining, and delightful experiences for your customer base.

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