Setting Up CRM Resources in NetSuite

NetSuite allows a user to set up CRM resources, which in turn allows these resources to be ‘booked out’ when creating events and meetings etc.

For example, if an office space has multiple meeting rooms, these meeting rooms can be set up as resources in NetSuite, allowing meeting organisers to select their meeting room and reserve it for their meeting. You can also set up resources such as a projector, webcam etc.

Each resource will also have their own calendar, which allows a NetSuite user to view the individual schedule of each resource.

Creating A CRM Resource

To set up a CRM resource in NetSuite go to Activities > Set Up > Resources > New.

Pic 1.png

A ‘Resource’ form will appear.

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Fill in the fields as follows:



Enter a name for the resource.


Enter the location of this resource. For example, if this resource is a meeting room located in your U.K. office, enter in the name of the location for that office.


Select the employee responsible for this resource. When you are creating the resource record your name appears by default, you can select another employee. If this resource is marked as private, only the owner has access to the record.


Enter a description for this resource, for example, what floor the meeting room is on, where a projector can be found etc.


The resource name entered in the name field appears here as the name of the resource calendar. You can edit this field if you want the calendar name to be different from the resource name.

Daily Start Time

Select the daily time that this resource calendar should start showing events. Please note, events can still be booked before this time, but they will not show in the calendar.

Daily End Time

Select the daily time that this resource calendar should stop showing events. Please note, events can still be booked after this time, but they will not show in the calendar.

Default View

Choose to display this calendar in daily, weekly or monthly format. What you select here will be the default view for the resource calendar, but this can always be changed at an individual user level by changing the view on the calendar.

Daily Time Increments

Select the increments of time you want this calendar’s daily view to show.


Choose the amount of access you want to grant to this resource calendar. Public means that every user will have full access to this calendar. ‘Defined Below’ allows you to assign specific employees different levels of access to this calendar.


Check this box to inactivate this record. If you inactivate a resource, the resource will no longer show on lists or subtabs, and the resource calendar will also not be accessible.


Check this box if you want this resource to only be accessible by the owner of the resource. Private resources can still be reserved by anyone for events, and the calendar is not automatically private, calendar access is defined on the calendar preferences subtab.


If the Sharing is set to ‘Defined below’, select the user which you want to give access to the calendar.


The users phone number will populate in this field.


The users email address will populate in this field.

Access Level

Select the access level which you want the Defined user to have.

Can Access Private Events

Check this box if you want to allow the user to access private events.

Please note, any field which is marked with an asterisk is mandatory and must be filled in ahead of the form being saved.

When all relevant fields are correctly filled in, select save.


CRM Resource Calendars

When a resource is created, you can view the resource calendar. To do this, select the resource from the drop-down on your calendar portlet.

Pic 3.png

To change the access level to a resource calendar, go to ‘Activities’ > ‘Set Up’ > select ‘Resources’

Pic 4.png

Select the ‘Edit’ beside the resource you want to change the calendar preferences of.

Pic 5.png

On the ‘Calendar Preferences’ subtab, edit the fields as necessary. To change the access level of the calendar, select ‘Public’ or ‘Defined Below’ in the ‘Sharing’ field.

Pic 6.png

If you select ‘Defined Below’, further select the users and the access level you want the user to have to this calendar.

Click Save.


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