Maximising Global Search Results in NetSuite

NetSuite’s Global Search feature enables you to search for records anywhere in your account data. The search bar is located at the top of your screen.

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To get maximum use out of the Global Search Bar, consider the following:

  • Use between 3 and 32 characters. If a keyword is longer than 32 characters, all additional characters are ignored. If a keyword has less than 3 characters or is not unique, your search may not return the results you expect
  • Keywords can be made up of letters, numbers, dashes and % wildcards. Any other characters entered are considered white space. You can use OR as a separator in global search keywords.
  • You can include a prefix in keywords to narrow the search by record type. A search prefix is made up of all or some of the letters of a record type plus a colon. Some examples of prefixes include the following:
Prefix Record Type
Cam: Campaign
Cash: Cash Sale
Con: Contact
Cust: Customer
Emp: Employee
Est: Estimate
Ev: Event
Exp: Expense Report
Fi: File
Invo: Invoice
Iss: Issue
It: Item
Opp: Opportunity
Par: Partner
Ph: Phone Call
Sale: Sales Order

The global search provides a list of suggested matches as you type, you can select a suggested match from this list.

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Equally, you can press enter to return all matching results. When you press Enter, keywords are compared to record name and ID field values. If multiple records match your keywords, a list page results opens. If only a single record matches, the record opens in view mode.

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By default, global search results are sorted by record type, and within each record type, by name or ID. To sort results by name or ID, without dividing them by record type, you can enable the Global Search Sort by Name/ID option at Home > Set Preferences on the Analytics subtab.

You can print, email, or export global search results to a CSV or Microsoft Excel file.

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