Managing Dashboards in NetSuite

You can create a unique dashboard set up to ensure maximum efficiency and ease when you use NetSuite. NetSuite displays a variable set of tabbed pages, called a centre. Most of the tabbed pages on each centre contain a collection of portlets which displays real-time data relevant to the page and your role. This collection of portlets is called a dashboard.

Depending on your business needs, you can let each individual user customise their own dashboard, or as an administrator of the system, you can publish dashboards to a role, which contains pre-set portlets that cannot be customised.

Customising your own Dashboard

To customise your own Dashboard, select the tab you would like to customise the dashboard for. For demonstration purposes, I will use ‘Home’ dashboard.

Click on personalise.

A window will appear. From this window, select the ‘type’ of portlet you want to add to your dashboard. You can either click on the option, or drag and drop to the area you want to add the portlet too. When you have added all portlets necessary, close the ‘Personalise Dashboard’ window.

You can drag and drop portlets around the dashboard to change their position.

To change the layout of the dashboard, click on Layout

Setting Up Portlets

Once you have added a portlet to your dashboard, you may need to set it up.

To set up a portlet, hover over the list icon on the portlet, and click set up.

Alternatively, click on the ‘Set Up’ hyperlink

Complete the relevant fields on the set-up window that will appear and click save.

Publishing Dashboards

Only those with the Publish Dashboards permission can publish dashboards. To publish a dashboard, you first need to personalise and set up the dashboard you want to publish. Once you have set up the dashboard you want to publish, on the settings portlet, click ‘Publish Dashboard’.

A new window will appear

  1. Enter a name for the dashboard in the Name field
  2. If necessary, enter a description of the dashboard in the Notes field
  3. If you want to prevent users from removing Shortcuts portlet links on the published dashboards page, check the ‘Lock Shortcuts’ box
    1. Please note – users can still add and reorder links to their Shortcuts Portlet
  4. To prevent users from removing Create New menu links on the published dashboards page, check the Lock New Bar box
    1. Please note – users can still add and reorder links in their Create New menu
  5. On the Apply To Roles, subtab select the roles to which you want to publish the dashboard
    1. Please note – you can only publish dashboards to roles in the centre that your current role uses
  6. Check the override existing users settings if you want the dashboard to be published to both existing and new users
  7. On the Apply To Tabs, subtab select the centre tab that you have customised to be part of the published dashboard (e.g. if you want to only publish the ‘Home’ dashboard, select the ‘Apply’ checkbox for ‘Home’)
  8. In the ‘Mode’ column, choose the level of restriction for users changes to the dashboard
    1. Unlocked – lets users make all changes to the selected page
    2. Locked – restricts users from making any changes to the selected page
    3. Add/Move Content – enables users to add and rearrange portlets on the dashboard, but prevents them from removing portlets.
  9. 9.Click Save

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