Manufacturing Transformation: A Matter of When, not If

We have said it so many times before, along with others, the manufacturing industry is changing rapidly. With the advances in technology and the internet over the last decade, the number one question on the majority of manufacturing leader’s minds is not a matter of if they should adapt, but when?!

My answer; there's no time like the present, as manufacturers are in the midst of a revolution like none before. With so many technologies changing the landscape in the manufacturing world, the next few years poses to harbour a significant "digital transformation" trend in the industry.

IDC predicts that half of all manufacturers will be leveraging the cloud, mobility and advanced analytics to facilitate innovation on their shop floors by the end of 2017. Even more, IDC expects that by the following year, 75% of manufacturers will have transformed their operations with digitally connected processes that improve responsiveness and productivity.

Over 90% of SMBs now use at least one cloud business solution and 87% use at least one cloud infrastructure solution.
— The SMB Group

Wherever you look in the manufacturing markets, organisations are looking to transform for several reasons. Food and beverage distributors are largely looking to get ahead of increasingly onerous regulatory and compliance requirements. Consumer and industrial electronics manufacturers are focused on streamlining their supply chains to facilitate new product introductions. And industrial supply firms are looking to bring new levels of efficiency to their business-to-business commerce channels.

When, not If

All the above in mind, any manufacturer that isn’t considering how to digitally transform and adapt to align its business strategy with new transformative technologies, is placing itself in a position where falling behind isn’t a possibility, it’s inevitable!

And don’t just take our word for it, consider NetSuite Client Blue Microphones.

NetSuite’s unified cloud-based business management suite has made a huge difference in our business and has us well positioned for our next stage of growth.
— Blue Microphones

By moving to NetSuite, Blue Microphones where able to save on two full-time employees, while also offering a new and improved partner experience, allowing partners to access NetSuite through a partner portal to fulfil orders, improving accuracy and efficiency for all!

Blue Microphones are only one example of this tremendous advance in Manufacturing software and its benefits. Though this is a taster of the benefits that your competitors are leveraging via cloud-based technology, and an example of the advances that can’t be ignored!

The good news though! If you are already in the process of assessing your strategy and and planning on a software switch, you probably have you eyes on a provider and well on the way to the transformation your organisation needs! Ensure that provider has an implementation approach that is designed to increase the speed of your deployment, and the necessity of success. 3EN call this the maturity model, an implementation methodology that assists our customers in taking the best path to the cloud, helping us, the provider, and our customer, understand the complete picture of their implementation.

Finding Your Way to the Cloud

Our maturity model and proven methodology process helps manufacturers tackle many important questions. The answers to which help a company choose the best cloud-based tools and deployment strategy to match its needs. A proven method, that we use for all clients, and has successfully proven to stand the test of even the most complex of business models and strategies.

Ensuring that you have taken the time to make the correct pre-deployment choices really makes the difference between the success and failure of any implementation, and the reason 3EN have created such a thorough pre-implementation process. Most manufacturers choose to move to the cloud to simplify and gain the ability to focus more closely on their core business activities. When planned and deployed correctly, the cloud also gives CIOs the ability to affect change, maximize efficiency, and improve the customer experience. It creates instant value in the form of business readiness and ability to innovate.

More importantly, with the majority of manufacturers expected to identify this opportunity to transition from stagnant, antiquated business models and embrace innovation, effective adoption of the cloud is a digital recipe for keeping pace with forward-thinking rivals and differentiating from the laggards.

In other words, by getting a handle on the business strategy, identifying the right cloud solution partner, and investing in the smoothest possible implementation process, manufacturers can take an important step toward securing their futures.


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