4 Reasons Why Over 40,000 Organisations Have Embraced The Cloud With NetSuite

There is no doubt, the future business lives and breathes in the cloud, and it's been obvious for quite some time! More and more businesses want the benefits of being a cloud based organisation for many reasons, but why is it that one Cloud based business application is achieving way more than any other on the market! Why is NetSuite continually retaining the title of The #1 Cloud ERP in the world?!

The answer to this question is broad and dynamic. With the vast amount of industries NetSuite covers, mixed with the functionality and customisability of the platform, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly one reason why more than NetSuite is the #1 Cloud ERP Suite. If we were to be pushed to summarise our answer and cover four things that every company, in every industry that uses NetSuite benefits from, it would go like this;

Real Time.png

Real Time

Access real-time insights into key business performance indicators for a unified view of the organization and a single version of truth.


Anywhere Anytime

NetSuite mobility extends collaboration and productivity beyond the workplace. With intuitive tools that provide your mobile workforce with the ability to easily access and upload important data they need outside the office, they're empowered with information at their fingertips.


Scalable for Growth

Gain the ability to quickly and easily add functionality as your business grows. No need to worry about upgrades, updates, or maintenance. Seamlessly evolve at your own pace with software the evolves with you.

All in one.png

All in One

NetSuite is the all-in-one solution that can grow with your business including accounting/ERP, CRM, SRP, eCommerce, and more!!

Each of the above benefits are arguably equal to one another, but vastly different in their impact to a modern growth focused organisation. Like I said, it's hard to pinpoint exactly why, but in summary, these are more often than not four of the main reasons that any organisation wants to be in the cloud with NetSuite! If you want to learn more about the impact of NetSuite to the organisations we work with, click here to read our Case Studies, alternatively, click here to book in for a free no strings consultation to discover how 3EN + NetSuite could be the solution your business needs.


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