The Future of Business Software Looks Like This

A stuffy room full of employees wearing matching uniforms, trudging along to their cubicles where they are tied into using certain devices and software. Begrudgingly, sat down in front of desktops, with software their organisation possibly paid millions to acquire, populating forms on the company’s database so their managers will be happy and give them a pat on the back.

This is the image that often springs to our minds when confronted with the idea of business IT and Software. Not the most enticing scene! Yet this is still the way many large, medium, and small organisations work! With legacy software that does nothing more than hold you back, frustrate employees, and contribute to more organisational headaches than they are worth!

So, is there a different way? Does the future offer any solace?

The good news is that there are many ways! The software industry is booming, with a vast conglomerate of start-ups and well-established businesses alike, creating new and enticing software that not only makes life easy, but adds to the growth of businesses of all sizes!

If the first paragraph is one that clearly defines your experience of business software, you are living in the past! This is no longer the way things have to be! Modern business software exists, the future is now, and it's achievable. But what are the 3 main differentiators that modern business software offers organisations like yours?

1. The Future is Cloud

It’s inevitable! The cloud and its advantages are just far too strong to fight. All large ERP vendors have spent the last decade positioning themselves for the cloud market. Not only that, but even traditionally program based software, such as Microsoft Office, has bolstered their cloud offering with Office 365. The cloud is here, and it’s not only here to stay, it’s here to takeover. The single objection against the cloud that is still lingering, is the security debate, though even this argument is slowing losing! Not only is the cloud secure, its proving to be even more secure than its on premise nemesis (read more about cloud security in this blog).

The advantages of cloud are obvious, and most of us are already leading a cloud based lifestyle. A connected business, with the advantages of pure cloud software, will nearly always outrun its competitors. Though I do agree that the cloud still has time to mature, but most of the arguments we once had have been glazed over by the realisation that the cloud works! Not just in our personal lives, but in the business world too!

The question is no longer whether to entrust data to a cloud. The question is why anyone would continue to put up with the problems on an on-premise software or data storage solution for critical business data.

2. The Future is Flexible

Flexibility is paramount to the modern business, flexibility spells freedom! Modern organisations want the flexibility to grow and work in a way that suits their business, not manage their business in a way that suits their software! We live in a world where most of us are multi device users, especially in the business world! It’s just normality now, and business software is moving the same way.

The cloud has enabled secure access via apps and browsers to be the backbone of business technology. Allowing us to access and manage data on the move, anywhere, and anytime. This has delivered masses of advantages to businesses, such as real-time preview of accurate and up to date data, remote working, global business connectivity, and much more.

3. The Future is Limitless

The modern business not only wants to offer its employees flexibility, but the modern business wants to be limitless in its own flexibility! No business wants to worry about the next upgrade for their software, or having to research the next software they must implement because they need 2 more users! The modern business doesn’t want to think about the software its using, but just simple use it, no matter what functionality they need, how many users they do or don’t need, nor when upgrades or updates are due!

The modern business will want to buy software as a startup, that grows, moulds, and flows with them from 2 users, right the way up to 2,000 users, across all the functionality they need. The modern business wants software without limits, software that seamlessly runs and manages their business in one unified place, while they do what they do best!


The good news, all of this is already possible with the right software. We have moved into a cloud first world, and business software has too! Running your business flexibly, and without limits is already a possibility.

We are proud to be one of the global leaders in such a solution, and even more proud to see the organisations we have worked with succeed in seeing the chains released from legacy software that held them back, and make the transition to the future of business software, and unified platform that flows with your business, and places your business first!


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