51 Reasons Why Your Shop Should Be Mobile

With the increase of smartphones and tablet devices, comes the growing need to move our platforms on to a mobile friendly platform. Too many businesses are still neglecting this fact, so I thought I would give you 51 reasons why you should move your eCommerce platform to a mobile friendly site…. Don’t worry, I’m not going to list 51 different reasons why you should move to a mobile friendly eCommerce site. The 51 reasons are the fact that 51% of eCommerce purchases where made on a mobile device last year. So, what does this tell us?  

  1. The other 49% of purchases were made on a desktop or laptop.  Making a mobile friendly platform is not the death of your laptop or desktop, there is no need to throw your DELL out the window just yet. 49% of buyers is still a large amount of £126bn (Click here to read in full) , but we do need to cater for the largest percentage of buyers as year-on-year this will continue to grow at an extremely fast rate.  

  2. If your eCommerce site is not mobile friendly, you are missing out on 51% of your potential customers. If websites are not optimised for mobile and do not display properly, your potential customer will be put off immediately. Not only this, you become a choice that is further down on their list because of that one bad experience. Returning customers become loyal because of the pain free experiences you provide.  

  3. If your competitors are mobile friendly and you are not, then your online business will decline at an extremely fast rate. This goes back to what I was saying about the customer journey. If you have a better customer journey than your competitor, even if you are slightly more expensive, it will be you they buy from. People are willing to pay for convenience and ease of use. So, unfortunately, having a competitive price is no longer enough to seal the deal.  

“This leap in mobile penetration appears to be being driven by increased confidence in using smartphones for online shopping”, IMRG writes. “Sales growth through these devices rose sharply in 2015, while growth through tablets reached a record low in December last year.” “Over the past year smartphones have really started to become a major component of the checkout process and that’s what is driving this leap in mobile penetration”, Tina Spooner, chief information officer at IMRG, says. “In January sales via smartphones grew 95.6% year-on-year for example – over 7x the rate of those via tablets.” 

Millennials are now becoming adults who have jobs and families. It might be scary to think, but the generation who are addicted to their smartphones are the new up and coming business owners, not of tomorrow, but of today! These are the customers you are going to have to appeal to. These are the demographic that are spoilt for choice when it comes to your products and services, so if you are not willing to meet them where they are, you are not going to be sustainable for very much longer. This is the harsh reality. We are changing our behaviours to cater for the up and coming developments. If we cast our minds back, not very far at all, we used to have milkmen, bread-men, green-grocers on bicycles, but that has evolved in to DPD vans and in some cases, drones (Other couriers are available). 

So the real question is, are we going to carry on delivering our products and services from the front basket of a bicycle or are we going to meet the millennials where they are at, and deliver them the products and services they want, how they want it? One thing we can be sure of, when they order it, it will most likely be from a mobile.  

So, there you have it, 51 reasons why your shop should be mobile. Because without mobile, you are potentially losing 51% of the eCommerce market.   


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