Software Saved Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas in the North Pole, and Santa was preparing for his Christmas deliveries. Whilst sat by his tree drinking a cup of hot cocoa, Santa was musing through his naughty and nice list, ensuring he had prepared accurately. But there was a problem, though Santa had been used to his stone-age software, this year somehow felt different. Unlike the Santa we know, the frustration was bubbling up inside him, inaccurate data, glitchy processes, and unintelligible information had gotten the best of him! 

Out of nowhere, Santa, filled with frustration at his archaic system, had enough, and slamming closed his laptop stormed out of his office. But there was a problem, midst his frustration Santa had unknowingly deleted a child from the nice list, Jenine. Leaving behind the warmth of his office, and Jenine's present, Santa left to prepare his Reindeers and Sled for the Christmas deliveries. 

Much like every other year, Santa had felt like the deliveries had all ran smoothly, delivered on-time, undetected, and home for a warm breakfast prepared by Mrs Clause. Feeling filled with joy and happiness, Santa finished up the night's work by feeding his Reindeer and stowing away his Sled.

But miles away in Jenine's house, not all was going as well. As per usual, 4-year-old Jenine woke earlier than usual on Christmas day to rush in to see what Santa had left for her during the night. Waking up filled with excitement, Jenine burst out of her bedroom, storming down the hall to the living room. 2 steps into the living room and Jenine noticed a problem. The living room looked exactly like she had left it the night before. A single sharp glance towards the bottom of the tree and Jenine's world caved in. There, underneath the tree, sat a patch of floor where her present should have sat. But nothing. Not even the tiniest of the package.

Hundreds of miles away, back in the North Pole, Santa had finished tending to his Reindeers, cleaned off his boots, and was making his way down the hall to lock up his office for the night. As he entered the room, he noticed something strange by the tree, a single solitary present. Fear and sadness filled his heart. As he knelt down to read the label on the present, he realised that this was the first time he had ever forgotten to deliver a present to any child. 

This could never happen again, Santa needed a solution! Disregarding his gurgling stomach and his desire for breakfast, Santa turned his laptop back on, and search for a system that would support his goals, objectives and values, ensuring that he would never miss a child at Christmas ever again.

During his research, Santa came across a solution that could give him the support he needed. A solution that would resolve the pain of archaic business software, and give him a platform on which he could ensure his processes and systems would never fail him again. 

Watch the full story unfold below...


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