PES to 3EN

We have changed...


For most people, change isn’t a comfortable thing. It means that the way you did something, or thought of something previously, must be re-wired in your brain. As much as a certain change may be exciting, it almost always insists on challenging previous paradigms, whether good or bad. In our journey at Product Earth Solutions, it has been much the same.

Starting out 6 years ago, we have grown exponentially, especially over the last 18 months. In tandem with this growth, much change has been demanded from us. Our processes, office move, and increase in employees, we have constantly been on an offensive push to continue providing the same great services and solutions to the organisations that entrust us with their business. It has been one of the most exciting journeys to have been a part of. And for that I am truly grateful.

It’s no surprise that on this journey of change that the one thing was left behind was our brand. We believe that every organisation should have a brand that accurately personifies its business, character, and purpose. Though the Product Earth Solutions (PES) banner has served us well, but to continue the journey we have been on, we believe it’s time for our brand to catch up with our business.

We are extremely proud to announce that we will continue moving forward, and from today we will be 3EN. Working with the team at Mint,  we went on a journey of discovery, into the depths of who we really are, and what our core objective is. The end result was really quite simple, we strive to provide quality services and solutions that go beyond our client’s expectation. We fully believe that the expertise, excellence, and modern look of our new name and logo exemplifies this perfectly. Summed up in our tagline, 3EN stands for the three ways we approach our clients, portrayed in this telling graphic;

As much as this is a massive change, 3EN simply serves to truly represent who we have been all along. Perfectly portraying the organisation we really are, and our steadfast belief in providing quality business solutions that provide organisations with a platform for growth and a return on investment. For us, this is a much-welcomed change, a change that we are excited about, but more than anything, a brand that we can be proud of represents us, and our clients. A mark of quality, innovation, and expertise.

We would love to share more with you about this transition, it’s impossible to convey how excited we are about this, so follow us on social media, and our blogs to keep up with us as our story continues.

To finish, we would love to extend a massive thank you to the team at Mint, Invest NI, and Design Active, who without, none of this would be possible.

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