My Key Takeaway from SuiteConnect EMEA

I’m going to be honest here, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from my first taste of SuiteConnect. Whether it was my preoccupation with the work that I needed to do over the 2 day stretch, or the fear of what was waiting for me back in the office when I got home, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic. A feeling some of you may sympathise with. Though all this aside, as unusual as it is for me, I’m glad to admit that I was wrong, very wrong.

The day started with a very obvious statement, a statement that was right on the money with regards to NetSuite’s running theme this year, “Make Bold happen”. From the opening soundtrack by Bellatrix, to Zach Nelsons statement that “This is the last business platform”, NetSuite lived up to their bold statement with more than just words.

Though there is much I could talk about, I only want to talk about one key, overarching, takeaway I walked away with. NetSuite is exploding! In every single aspect of the word. Now covering most of EMEA, with 900 staff in England alone, not to mention the sheer number of partners, and a daily growing customer base, NetSuite is dominating the cloud software market. And for good reason too!

One of the main themes throughout the day was the focus on hybrid business models. The truth that to be competitive in any business space, we need to spread out our thinking from a linear business model approach, to a hybrid approach. Subsequently, in the age of many stagnant, and archaic business platforms, what are you using to support and drive your business forward in the ever changing business world? The truth is that it is no longer enough to sit and wait, the business world doesn’t take to kindly to that anymore.

Personally, and you may disagree, but I do believe NetSuite’s bold statement, that ran throughout the conference, is more than a future goal. I believe it’s happening, it’s already begun, and many businesses are seeing the benefits of it. In the coming years, software that isn’t in the cloud will be the exception, the benefits of flexibility, scalability and agility are far too great to miss out on, and no other type of solution can truly offer you these benefits apart from the cloud.

Again, to reiterate, as small as this single takeaway may be, I believe it is an almighty great step towards the reality of NetSuite being a game changer in how the modern business operates on every level of the playing field. Now don’t get me wrong, NetSuite is already a game changer, but the steps and progress they are making, I believe, will make a far greater impact on NetSuite not only being the #1 Cloud ERP, but being a leading ERP solution, period.

The scale of what is to come from NetSuite, not to mention what they’ve already done, is incredible. As bold a statement as Zach Nelson made, I too believe that over the next year we will start to see NetSuite, and the cloud, being the prevalent game changer in businesses globally, might I add, regardless of what comes of the Oracle acquisition.

Cloud is no longer the exception, it’s the future!