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The business environment is under a constant state of change, and even though corporate strategy helps in setting long term vision for your company, short term goals can be affected.


Applying flexible, “what-if” financial modeling capabilities, NetSuite helps you to meet your budgeting and ongoing forecasting needs. NetSuite allows you to model and assess different financial scenarios, enabling you to set targets for you annual operating plan. Using either a bottoms-up or top-down manner you can analyze the differences between actual and projected results to more accurately manage your business performance. 



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Reduce Planning Cycle Times

Collect inputs and assumptions, review iterations and present consolidated results in a timely manner.

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Improve Forecast Accuracy

Compare and analyze actual versus projected results regularly to refine forecasts.

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Align The Organisation

Centralize your budget with forecast and actual information in one place, providing a single version of the truth.





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