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NetSuite OneWorld Wins Cloud ERP Product of the Year

NetSuite OneWorld was awarded ‘Cloud ERP Product of the Year’ at the UK cloud awards, the latest in a long series of awards.

Awards like this are significant because they reflect both product and customer excellence. As a cloud company we have to excel in both in order to excel and maintain astonishingly high standards to continue to grow and lead the market.

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EndoChoice Drive Success With NetSuite

EndoChoice Reduces Costs and Becomes One of the Top Names in Surgical Supply with NetSuite.

We did a lot of research before going with NetSuite and we found NetSuite to be the only SaaS out there that was built from the ground up. - EndoChoice
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Snapchat - Powered by NetSuite

With 100 million daily users and over 10 billion videos viewed every day, NetSuite customer, Snapchat, relies on real-time information to make critical business decisions. Watch Snapchat's Chief Strategy Officer, Imran Khan, discuss the Snapchat business and the importance of systems like NetSuite.

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Drive Change, Harness Consistency

Specialty Bakery is a manufacturer of high-quality baked goods for the retail and food-service industries. Watch CEO, Ahmad Hamade, and fellow members of the Specialty Bakery leadership team discuss the way Specialty Bakery is driving change in their industry through consistency and quality with NetSuite.

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Water For People Makes A Difference With NetSuite

Water for People are a nonprofit focused on bringing clean accessible water to all, specifically those in in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Around the world the demands on the charity and nonprofit sectors have been changing for the good! People now, rightly, expect evidence from nonprofits that their investment actually has long term impact, and longer term results. 

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