With accelerated evolution over the last few decades, the manufacturing world is experiencing change like never before. Not to mention a ream of external impacts, spanning from political to technological, are posed to reshape the manufacturing landscape even further. The historical processes, systems, & methods used by our grandparent’s generation are dying out. From robotics to analytics, and lean manufacturing, not embracing the advancing momentum of the industry simply wont suffice! With 2017 well underway, here are four manufacturing trends that you can expect to see impact you even more over this year.

Smarter Manufacturing

Two things are fundamentally changing manufacturing, robotics, and the IoT (Internet of Things). Ultimately, these advances have led to more information and data about your manufacturing processes than ever before available. A finely tuned set of modern technologies has replaced a once chaotic cluster of machinery on the shop floor, integrated into a unified conglomerate,with the addition of powerful insights and analytics which are truly driving massive advantages for manufacturing companies.

Decision Making Empowered Through Predictive Analytics

As a direct result of smarter manufacturing, all the data gathered on your manufacturing processes will be available at your fingertips. A new world of insights will be available, and hugely valuable shop floor data will drive more accurate decision-making, and process enhancements. The benefits of predictive analytics will reach far and wide, from driving increased quality & demand forecasting, to realised equipment efficiencies and value. All driven by the rapid adoption of the cloud by the manufacturing industry, the catalyst behind harnessing your data with ease and efficiency, providing a real-time, accurate view of the insights that will drive the industry.

Leaner and Cleaner Factories

Smart manufacturing and predictive analytics will drive improved processes on the shop floor. The introduction of new technologies and the process data that will become accessible, lean manufacturing practices will become easier to implement and maintain.

The Online Buyer

The internet will continue to be the modern consumer’s ultimate influence on buying decisions, making it even more crucial than ever to gain a strong online presence as a B2B, or B2C manufacturer. Customer knowledge is just as critical to their buying decisions, as shop-floor knowledge is to your business decisions. Aligning your front and back office into a single view, will deliver you insights into your customer base that will allow you to cater for them better than ever.


The rate of change taking place today cannot be ignored, the impact that the last decade alone has had, has been significant. The manufacturer that is unwilling to adapt to the modern landscape is going to struggle to keep up with its competitors, it’s an approach that simply won’t work. Even more challenging, is that we are only at the cusp of this manufacturing revolution, the next 30 years will only bring more change!

This is an exciting time for the manufacturing sector, and a time that presents an opportunity to truly shape the future of the industry. To learn more about how 3EN helps manufacturers download our data sheet outlining how NetSuite can help manufacturers react to these trends.

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Transforming Todays Manufacturers

Transforming Today's Manufacturers

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