The world of business software has been changing rapidly over the last decade with the evolution of technology and the internet. More and more pressure is on organisations, not only to deliver excellent products, services and customer service, but a buyer journey that outweighs any potential competitor. The demand and pressure to be at the top of what you do is higher than ever, with customers having a multitude of ways and means to get their hands on their product of choice. We live in a large, connected and open world, and this has huge implications for all organisations.

In summary, we are all under the microscope, and we need to keep up with the modernisation of industry.

Over our years of working with many organisations, we have identified one single struggle that encompasses most business issues, manifested in three different ways. Growth.

  1. Igniting Growth
  2. Maintaining Growth
  3. Managing Growth

These three, are the single most common cause of many other business struggles. Albeit, let’s not be ignorant, to the fact that there are other issues that don’t stem from these 3 most common issues, but most the time, growth (or lack of) is normally a common instigator for many problems.

When it comes to managing, and maintaining growth, a business is usually hit hardest in two ways;

  1. Processes
  2. Software

Simply put, maintaining and managing growth is entirely an internal job, and a high pressured one at that. Most organisations yet to experience significant growth understandably, perceive it as a desirable, and easy thing to do. But until you are in the midst of managing a period of growth, the wider impact cannot be appreciated.


Processes are the first thing to slip. Suddenly, the ways that you managed, and went about your daily job are impacted. Normal day to day processes that once worked, or were efficient, are suddenly swept from under you. The demand to deliver to your clients is on, and ensuring you have the resources and capacity to deliver at a far higher pace and efficiency are suddenly challenged. It’s not comfortable by any means, and the urgency to address and change is more than essential. As an organisation, we have been there. The hustle to ensure you can keep up with demand, and get your processes up to speed with your ever-changing organisation is intense.


Software gets hit next. The systems that once served you well, and the cocktail of applications that once delivered for you, are challenged. The issue here is that not all systems are built to last, most function as a tool, and work extraordinarily well. The main problem is they don’t operate as a platform for growth. The age-old problem of software business models comes into play here. Many platforms offered you a certain amount of functionality, users, and features for a set price. Then, once you have exceeded whatever limitations the previous edition had, you need an entirely new system, new installation, and a new contract. Essentially, your growth is restricted by your software. Amongst other software issues, this is the most prevalent. Software that lacks the ability to empower and encourage growth, stifling your business success and productivity.

So, what is the answer?

A platform that is;

  1. Simple - Eliminates the fear of upgrades and new implementations.
  2. Integrated - Encompasses all the functionality you needed.
  3. Intelligence - A single business entity

In essence, your business needs a platform that offers you the flexibility, control, and ability to run your business, worry free. The business landscape is not waiting for you, clients no longer must wait for you, and the modernisation of software, will not wait for you. Multi-system, constant upgrades, updates, and stagnant software is no longer a viable way to run your business. There is no other way about it!

As stated by Brian Sommer in Diginomica this week;

“It’s finally sinking in with buyers and sellers of software that if you want newer software, it’s going to be cloud-based. Now, can we end the cloud vs. on-premises debate?”

The cloud is where you need to be. This isn’t a pitch on NetSuite, this is a pitch on Cloud. True cloud. Nothing can give you the flexibility, scalability and agility, like the cloud can. Cloud solutions, are truly the “Last Business Platform”, plain & simple.

Software that gives you the freedom to grow, and be agile, should be your primary focus for the future of your business.