When it comes to reputation, how much do we depend on it? We might have some of the best sales and marketing staff working for us, but what are the effects of negative reviews and ‘bad press’? The truth of the matter is, if you have a black mark against your name, it can be hard to redeem yourself from it. A bad reputation or negative reviews can leave your prospects with a very easy choice, and that choice will be to go to your competitor. Therefore, value of everything, is a statement to hold on to. If you are adding value, you gain positive feedback and gratification. The important thing now is what to do with that feedback once you receive it?

Here are three ways to boost your clients feedback to reach your prospects.

1. Allow customers to have a say on your social media
Using Facebook reviews and posting snippets of your clients' testimonies can help you add value to your business as well as promoting your clients. It's win-win for both parties involved. Some might think this is a risk as social media there for the world to see. Especially on business pages where security filters are lower than personal profiles, but believe it or not, this is a good thing. The risk is worth taking if you are sure you are adding value to your clients. This will give your prospects a trust and assurance that you are a reputable brand and someone they can invest in for the journey.

2. Create a Landing Page on Your Website
Have a dedicated page on your site that highlights the value you have added to your clients. Include case studies and downloads for your prospects to take away. A free giveaway can also build up that trust in your prospects but it also gives your clients a sense of worth in your brand story. There is a lot to be said about empowerment and the sense of this is being handed to your clients when you show case their opinions and voice. Make sure you receive permission from your clients before writing any material that references them and try to get a statement from your key contacts within their business as this will add credibility to your landing page.

3. Create Content That Adds Value
Use videos, eBook downloads and any creative giveaway you can to showcase your clients voice. This adds value to your prospects, it makes your clients feel honoured and respected and it gives you some great content to share time and time again. Our prospects aren’t just entering the digital age, we’ve been there for quite some time, so why do we still refuse to use digital resources when delivering our content? Make your client testimonies and case studies as engaging and interactive as digitally possible. Ensure you have optimised all content for mobile use, as most your readers/prospects will view this on a mobile device. And finally, make it downloadable. Giving your prospects a tangible piece of content they can take away with them will give them a sense of ownership over that content and they will more inclined to watch, listen or read it.

These three methods are all valid ways you can bolster your clients voice and let your prospects hear it. We have won numerous contracts off the back of our client testimonies and is something we are continually being asked for from our prospects, so it is always better to have testimonies and resources prepared for this eventuality.

We would love to come along on the journey with you, why not send us any resources you have on your clients and their testimonies at engage@3en.cloud we would love to see you putting these 3 methods in to practice.